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10 Weight Loss Mistakes That Don’t Let You Lose Weight

Weight Loss Mistakes
Top 10 weight loss mistakes (Representational Image only, photo credits: Polina Zimmerman)

It’s been quite some time and you are struggling with your weight. But when you step on the scale, the needle stays the same or just moves a pound as it shows last time. Although you are having a diet full of nutrients, doing exercise regularly but still wondering what is wrong with your weight. Well, losing weight is a tricky business, your weight loss efforts can be messed up because all your focus is on losing weight instead of losing it in a sustainable healthy way. All you need is to clear your mind and do not fall into the trap.

Weight loss is way more than just a calorie count. A health-based approach towards your goals with realistic expectations is the most important thing to pursue weight loss. A healthy diet with enough sleep, less stress, and other significant health conditions are necessary to take into account. Here are the Top 10 Weight Loss Mistakes that stop you from attaining your intended / targeted weight loss.

10Calories Consumption

Poor planning of three meals a day can deviates you from your well-disciplined weight loss goals. A calorie is a measure of energy absorbed by your body from the food you consumed. Burn more and consume less calories is important to lose weight. Depending on the age, weight, height, and other health-related factors, you can accurately determine the daily intake of calories. But it does not make any sense if you stop taking calories, because cutting down the calorie intake through starving is not an appropriate way to lose weight. Calculate your daily calorie need here.

Studies reveal that low-calorie diets do not help you lose weight and eventually results in muscle loss and drastically slows down the metabolism. Therefore, a proper amount of calories should be taken by different means to get your body goals. On average, an adult can consume a 2000 calorie diet to maintain his body healthy.

Research evidence shows that a high protein diet can suppress your appetite and helps to increase the metabolic activity of your body. A high protein diet is not only a source of good calories but also burns about 80-900 calories per day.

Stop taking sugary soft drinks and juices because the liquid sugar slows down metabolic activity and causes other diseases such as elevated blood sugar levels.

9Escape the “Diet” Food Trap

A healthy approach to lose weight means that you need to avoid diet food traps. Avoiding means you need to treat your body with what it needs, prepare the body for a lifetime with falling in the traps in the name of diets. As we know that these diet food traps are quite attractive due to the advertisements by celebrities and Instagram stars. You may lose weight in a few weeks by diet traps but later it is hard to control the regained weight and hence spoil your body functioning.

The real goal towards a healthy weight loss is to get away from the thought of wanting quick results. You have to eat differently, get to know which food is suitable for your body. Try to avoid pre-cooked meals and packaged sauces. It is best to get your raw ingredients and cook a healthy and fresh meal without any preservatives.

8Scale Doesn’t Matter

You stop focusing on the number on a scale when you realize that your health is much are than your weight. Don’t give up your weight loss journey when your desired number does not show up. One has to understand the science behind weight loss, when you lose fat, you gain muscle and that is the reason your weight stays the same. If your scale does not change even after losing a few inches, don’t panic, you are going in the right direction and very much near to your perfect body goals.

7Don’t Fall for Shady Food Labels

Another of the top weight loss mistakes. Food labels are sometimes so confusing. In this modern era, the trend of being “healthy” makes the market apply tricks and convince us of the products in the name of health. It is not always true what it says. In reality, make sure to do some research when going to buy a product with a shady food label.

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For the sake of competition, brands are designed labels that mislead you from your weight loss goals. The best way is to check the list of ingredients first instead of the front label. If you find refined grains, hydrogenated oils, and sugar in the list of ingredients, the product is not meant for healthy weight loss. Make sure to identify the number of calories you are taking than a mention of the product. Do not fall for slogans such as No sugar: It may mean the products do not have artificial sugar but it may contain natural sugar. Most of the time, gluten-free means the product may have processed unhealthy fat and does not contain wheat.

6Portion Control Diet

One of the top 10 weight loss mistakes that do not let people lose weight is random eating. It is simply that to lose weight, one has to burn more calories than he consumes. It doesn’t mean eating portions but the best way is to divide your plate into small portions with several nutrients your body needs every day. The key is to consume fewer calories but with different sources such as protein, healthy fat, and carbohydrates.

5Hydration is Key

Do not confuse “water weight” with drinking water while losing weight. The water retention in a human may be caused by several means such as hormonal changes, increased sodium in the body, lack of sleep, and stress. Interestingly, according to research, water retention can be reduced by being hydrated. Water is a great source to cleanse your body, boost metabolism, help the body to retain water, and enhance the weight loss process.

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4Exercise In Moderation

Research evidence reveals that doing excessive exercise is not healthy and leads to serious damage to your body and induces stress. On the other hand, the lack of exercise also has diverse effects on your body such as muscle loss and lower metabolism. However, exercising in moderation accelerates the process of fat loss and helps to maintain a lean mass.

3Stop Skipping Meals

Skipping a meal for the sake of weight loss increases the water retention in your body, slows down metabolism and in the end, you are wondering why I am not losing weight. Starvation has many disastrous effects on your body. Weight loss is not proportional to calorie intake; many people confuse their bodies by taking low-calorie diets.

Breakfast is very important for your health and it gives you energy for the whole day. Kick-starting your day with a perfect combination of carbs, protein, and fiber such as fat-free yogurt, a bowl of oatmeal, egg and some fresh fruits can be the best option for a healthy breakfast.

2Track Your Food

Have a check on your food and know the consumption of nutrients and calories is the healthiest way to lose weight. The right amount of fiber, proteins, fat, and carbs can enhance your weight loss journey by keeping you healthy.

There are many online tracking websites and different apps that help to keep an eye on your daily nutrient and calorie consumption.

1Realistic Approach Towards Weight Loss

The first and foremost thing to understand is whether your body needs weight loss. Being “skinny” is the latest trend but don’t fall for that trap. Start your weight loss journey healthily and keep expectations low. Patience is a key to success because the unrealistic approach can lead to frustration and divert your mind from the actual goal. Don’t give up in the middle of your journey, give your best and wait for wonders.



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