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Have a Social Media Account? Start Earning Lakhs/Month, From Day One

No matter howsoever small your following could be, If you have a social media account such as facebook, twitter, Instagram etc or even if you know browsing the internet and fiddling around it, be assured - you could easily earn $100 (Rs 7000), $200 (Rs 14000) or even up to $500 (Rs 35000) a day.

Unbelievable but honest truth, provided you like spending time on Facebook and Twitter.

You must be aware that businesses of all sizes right from Burger King and Coca-Cola down to your local groceries store are trying to get a foothold on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Think of how many ‘Fan pages’ and advertisements you have seen on Facebook recently for businesses that target your local area.

It’s a big thing right now and it’s making people just like you a lot of money.

Vested interests have ensured that the Indian masses remain deprived of the internet and online payment boom for decades now. All this while we kept hearing stories of how individuals as young as 14 years to as old as 65 years were earning six figure incomes in the west (USA, UK, Europe etc).

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Many govt's and laws prohibited people from, for example South East Asia, to participate in this internet and social media boom by blocking their IP's or placing restrictions on their currencies.

Be it citizens from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka or third world countries even online transacting through cards was curtailed, out of fear and possibly ignorance about their right to earn has played to keep them deprived of opportunities that others were cashing on, all this while and earning thousands and lakhs in Dollars, Euros and Rupees.

"On a recent trip to USA, I was surprised that the Payments through cards are encouraged and there is no system of keying in PINS for the transaction to go through, as just a swipe of the card or even just the Card no's were enough for successfully transacting", said Rahul Dev.

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But the GOOD NEWS for the common man is finally out. Not only for Indians but for citizens from all nations, the restrictions have eased tremendously. This has led to hordes of people trying to share the riches that the unrestricted Internet offers.

You must have seen that whilst most businesses want to get a presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter they don’t have the time, ability, knowledge or reach to do it themselves. They are far too busy with the day to day running of their business and they don’t want to hire someone full time to do it because in most circumstances it only takes 1 – 2 hours per day to manage.

So what do you think they are doing about it?

They are hiring people just like you to do it for them! They are paying people just like you great money to work from home doing few simple tasks such as:

  • Posting status updates and comments
  • Creating Twitter profiles
  • Creating their Facebook Fan page
  • Tweeting special offers and promotions
  • Engaging with their customers through comments and posts
  • Spending time messing around on Facebook and Twitter!

The first movers maintain the lead and reap the best benefits, so we can now see people rush to go in for these easy net enabled works online, more so from the safety of their homes.

Few who are already into it from the Indian subcontinent revealed that many businesses also send them free samples of their products and services as part of the job, to ensure that you know enough about their business. It takes just a few simple tips to keep all of these products for free while at the same time accumulating your earnings to cross tens of thousands to lakhs of Rupees.

Paid Social Media Jobs is one such pioneering company that has recently opened its doors  to Indians and those from the subcontinent to earn bucks in plenty.

Opportunity knocks but once. If you happened to be going through financial strain or simply want to surge ahead of others, then this is the right time to get over all your financial woes.

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