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How To Foster Your Child’s Interest In Science – Tips & Tricks For Parents

Building childs interest in science
Fostering Your Child's Interest In Science - Tips and Tricks For parents (Representational Image)

We all want our children to be the best in what they do. We want to make sure they excel in everything and every subject. Most students have more interest in art and other subjects. A very small percentage of children are seen to be involved in Science. Though children should not be forced to study the subjects they do not like. But they should know about everything around them. Because once they know something, they will have the confidence to engage and discuss it in front of people. Even if they are Science geeks, they should know about Mathematics, Art, History and many other subjects and vice versa.

Science has many branches including Geology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and many more. Science is all around us. From the formation of rains to the erupting volcanoes, everything is Science. Science influences our daily life and one should look around and explore. Exploring leads to many questions that help to increase interest in children. Research shows that a childs’ interest in Science begins to develop as early as their elementary age. This means that parents should use interesting methods to engage them in Science.

Always start with the basics. Try to tell them the meaning of the word Science and how wide that subject is getting day by day as more and more research is being done. Parents should tell about the importance of Science in real life. Tell them how Science develops them as an individual and how Science has led to the development of many things around us such as gravity, friction, or even velocity. Science is everywhere. Everything should be told in a friendly conversation and with good interesting examples so they remember it.

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How is food cooked? How we are walking without falling? How does a refrigerator work? How can we see ourselves in the mirror? Even more complicated and complex questions have been answered by Science. So it is important to know and it is important to study Science. Of course, children are more into playing and not studying. There are many ways in which a person can foster your child’s interest in Science. Here are some of the ways on how you can increase interest in Science in your children. Remember to be persistent and do not get too harsh on them.


There are so many sci-fi movies which you can make your children watch and their interest in Science will increase automatically. So try to watch such movies with your children and explain to them if they have questions. Movies are a great way to gain knowledge and can help increase interest in Science. Star Wars, Planet of the Apes, Interstellar, Gravity, and many more. Make a movie night to make it even more interesting. Invite their friends so they can discuss it.

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Games and entertainment stuff help children learn more efficiently than memorizing textbooks that’s why most schools try to include activities and games to clear the concept and so that the students take more interest. Engage them with games that include lots of knowledge about science. Science too as discussed is a diverse field. Choose any topic and try to incorporate it into a game. For example, Science bingo, Science Pictionary, computer science games, or you can be creative and make your own game your way. There are many online games available on the internet. Look up for them and you will find many games which are helpful and fun too.


Plan trips occasionally to museums, planetariums, and let them explore and discover whatever they want to. Do not restrict them. Let them ask as many questions as they want because questioning opens a child’s mind. These places are not too expensive so it will be easy to go too. Ask them what they find amusing and why they find it that way.


Another important factor to develop your childs interest in science is to Learn with them. Act like a friend, not a teacher who teaches. Learn new and interesting facts with the. Ask questions so that they can ponder on it. Let them research themselves and find answers themselves and when they have found those answers let them teach you.


If possible, invest in a microscope and collect different samples such as the skin of an onion. Let them question why some animals or plants are found in some specific areas and what affects their growth. They will be amazed when they will see certain things under a microscope. The interest in Science will increase.

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Turn your kitchen into a lab. Show basic and safe experiments which will increase their interest in how thing happen and how do they work. For example, the most basic experiment is combining vinegar and baking soda or pour some milk in a container and add food colors. You can use different colors and then take a cotton ball or cotton bud and dip it to dish washing liquid. Put that cotton bud or ball into the bowl of milk and then see the magic. These simple yet fun experiments will keep them engaged. They will ask you questions so be prepared for the bombardment of questions.


Look for Science camps in your area. Look for them and enroll your children in them. Because when children interact with other children, they learn even more. Because every child has a different mind and has different questions. And learning outdoors is even more fun. They will see the life cycle of a butterfly; they will grow a plant or they will see a bug and will have questions about it.


Talk to them and have productive conversations. Take them outdoors and just talk to them about the sky being blue or telling them how rainbows are formed. If they are playing with a ball tell them how a ball goes up and what phenomenon is used. But do not complicate concepts. Teach them facts when they are in a mood to learn. Do not run around them forcing them to learn. This way all of the learning will be a waste. Be patient. It will take time but it is worth the wait.


These are some of the ways on how kids can be attracted to learn Science. It is not important to try all these tricks but you can try what suits you. Children are not only going to enjoy it but they are going to learn it and will explore and question Science more. They will choose whatever field they will love. So do not bound them to learn a specific field. Let them choose Biology or Chemistry or Geology or even Medicine. Science will help your children grow and evolve too. So best of luck with this and hope you will have fun learning Science with your children. And your children will have more fun too exploring different species and questioning Science and being curious about it.



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