While freedom of expression is a fundamental human right in most parts of the world, it remains a pipe dream for the Iranian people. That’s because women, people of other religious beliefs, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender (LGBT) people aren’t free to express themselves. Several human rights violations have been reported; worse, the state has allowed them to continue. This demonstrates that the country’s human rights situation is tense and, if left unchecked, could lead to grave human rights violations.

Even though there’s little you can do from the outside to improve Iran’s human rights situation, you can send Iran love by signing online petitions and asking your local leaders to publicly support human rights in Iran. These efforts could go a long way.

So, if you’re a human rights activist concerned about Iran’s current human rights situation, this article could be an excellent place to start. The article will serve as a primer on the human rights situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The following are some of the human rights concerns in Iran that reflect the country’s current situation:

Administration Of Death Sentences

Death sentences are still used in Iran, even though they’re considered an ‘inhuman’ act in most countries worldwide. People are executed as punishment for ‘grave’ deeds as determined by the judicial authority. Blasphemy, drug trafficking, fornication, and homosexuality are just a few of the crimes for which the death penalty has been used.

What makes the death penalty worse in Iran is that it’s frequently used as a form of repression by the authorities. Sometimes, people even get the death penalty for initiating and participating in a protest. And this demonstrates that the death penalty is administered to repress people and is also carried out under unfair trials. So, the execution of people found to be opposing the law by Iran demonstrates the country’s human rights crisis.

Lack Of Social And Religious Tolerance

A world of intolerance reveals much about who should and should not be speaking. The level of discrimination towards religious minorities and women’s participation in essential matters in Iran clearly shows that the country doesn’t value human dignity. Such minorities are not permitted to run for the presidential office or other positions of influence.

The real reason for this is to preserve the country’s main religion. So, allowing women to be influential means that if they decide to change their dress code one day, they’ll be able to do so without being stopped. However, because they get barred from participating, they cannot imagine changing anything and thus preserving the nation’s religious beliefs.

Additionally, allowing a leader from a religious minority group would impact the state’s main religion. Therefore, some human rights are violated solely to uphold the faith. In turn, those who belong to minority groups don’t have any freedom.

Abuse Of Women

Women’s rights get ignored in Iran. Women are among the most vulnerable members of society because the opposite gender frequently exploits them. Given their vulnerability, it’s said that women are still targeted and disempowered in Iran whenever they’re found to be ‘out of control.’ In such cases, women have been publicly beaten, and some have been imprisoned for minor offenses.

For girls, the legal marriage age is currently 13 years old. Furthermore, marital rape has not been classified as a crime in the country. All of this demonstrates how insecure women and girls are in Iran. Because they’re viewed as possessions that, once owned, can be treated however a man and the state want.

To make matters worse, women in Iran, regardless of religion, are required to wear hijabs in public places. Failure to obey this law has been proven to result in severe beatings, which may result in death.

That was the case with Jina Amini, a female student who was arrested for not wearing a proper hijab. But after a few hours, she was taken to the hospital. That’s because she had been subjected to severe beatings, which resulted in her death. All this show that women in Iran currently lack the freedom to stand up to their opinions and dress freely.

Lack Of Sexual And Reproductive Rights

Whether or not you consider yourself old enough to make decisions, the state retains the right to make decisions about your sexual and reproductive life. Contraception is prohibited in Iran. It has since passed the Youthful Population and Family Protection Act, which forbids government health institutions from dispensing contraceptive drugs.

According to this bill, women are only required to use contraception if a medical doctor determines they risk losing their lives if they’re to carry another child. If no such risk has been identified, it’s their national obligation to give birth. The bill also prevents men from accessing medical contraception methods, as well as women. Vasectomy is also restricted under the same conditions for men.

Lack Of Freedom Of Expression

After discussing some of the inhumane practices discussed above, it’s important to note that Iran has no room for expression. Protesting may not end well for you, whether you believe you deserve an equal footing with those of the majority religion and in politics or in practicing your rights as a woman.

There have been numerous instances where peaceful protests have resulted in authorities using lethal force against unarmed civilians. This means that speaking up while in Iran could land you in big trouble. As a result, the Iranian people’s freedom of expression has been shattered, and a massive turnaround is required.


Even though it’s often said human rights are universal, the case of human rights in Iran is different. Iran’s human rights situation is currently in shambles. Whether you’re a journalist looking to cover such stories or a minor citizen, your life may be in danger simply because you want to see changes.

The Iranian uprisings have had little impact because the leaders don’t believe in free expression. This calls for the international community to continue to stand in solidarity with the Iranian people to inspire change from afar.

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