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Why Such Discrimination Towards Gulf Migrants?

Gulf Migrants
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Are there any hideous political intentions behind the discrimination shown by the Kerala government towards Gulf migrants in these COVID hit times? It would not be wrong to judge that there are. Before discussing the politics behind this, let us see what are the prejudiced treatments faced by the Gulf residents.

World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified COVID19 virus as the seventh of the Coronaviruses that affect humans. WHO has already declared COVID19 as a public health emergency with the virus engulfing most world nations and causing a dreadful situation all over the globe.

According to the recent reports from WHO, till 21 June, around 87,800,008 people are diagnosed positive with the disease. Among this, 4,61,715 have died fighting the virus. Looking at the authorized and confirmed records, it is visible that America is the worst affected in terms of both the number of infected persons (22,08,829) and deaths (1,18,895).

As part of VandeBharat Mission, an Air India flight will soon fly from the United States to Kochi with Keralites. However, the new order issued by the Kerala Government to produce a COVID negative certificate before boarding the flight is not applicable for these passengers.

In Saudi Arabia, the number of infected patients comes around 1,54,200. In this, 1230 people died. While in Kuwait, we see 39,145 people tested positive for the virus, and 319 of the infected died. In the case of Bahrain, COVID patients account for 21,331 in which 60 were killed.

In Oman, 128 died of the 28,556 affected. U.A.E reported 44,533 cases, out of which 301 lost their lives. Qatar had 86,488 patients and 94 deaths.

The total number of patients in all the Gulf countries taken together is 3,95,617. Th number of deaths in these countries comes to 2,192.

If we were to compare the condition of the United States with these Gulf countries, it is visible that extra care and cautiousness is needed in the case of people coming from the States over the ones coming from the Gulf.

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Now, the question is, Is the Chief Minister of Kerala under the impression that the virus which infected the States is different from the one in the Gulf? Or does he somehow believe that the conditions in America are safer compared to the conditions prevailing in the Gulf?

This doubt is not only in the case of the United States of America. Keralites are coming from various parts, including Europe, countries like Russia, New Zealand, Georgia, Australia in Air India flights through the Vande Bharat Mission. Ironically, the travel conditions kept before passengers from the Gulf are not imposed on the other passengers.

Why is it then, that only the passengers travelling from the Gulf are asked to undergo a COVID test 48-hour before their journey and carry the document proving they are negative and safe to travel?

Everyday Kerala gets people coming from other states through both train and flights. These people who come from adversely affected states, with an alarming number of cases like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Delhi are not asked to submit a COVID negative certificate for a travel permit.

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In Maharashtra alone, 1,28,205 people are diagnosed with Corona and 5984 deaths are confirmed. If we study these causalities alongside the cases from the Gulf, it is easily identifiable that the situation in Maharashtra is scarier.

If that be the case, why a separate set of conditions for Gulf countries? Why are the Gulf migrants treated differently?

It is already proven that the Rapid COVID19 test the Kerala government asks for is not completely reliable. It was even found out that there are issues of accuracy in considering this test as the benchmark. Then, why play a drama? It is here, the politics behind these acts come to light.

Pinarayi Vijayan, the Chief Minister of Kerala has been recently using a Modi-modelled PR mechanism as a strategy to enhance his government’s face. We will have to see these biased actions towards the Gulf migrants as a Stalinist method employed by the Chief Minister to proclaim Kerala as the number one when the whole world is at a standstill due to the pandemic.

Yet another political aspect to this partiality is in making everyone believe that this measure is to ensure the safety of the people in Kerala. If more people come from the Gulf, the number of cases in the state will rise, thus assiduously justifying and giving way for a difficult situation.

Like the COVID we face today, during the 1930-33s, the great famine that took over the Soviet land caused several deaths. The numbers only went up in those Soviet nations with Stalin’s tactics. If the brutal Stalinist measure to close the borders of the Soviet Republic was to execute the ‘Gulags’ who overcame the famine; today, the distinction shown by Pinarayi Vijayan towards these Gulf migrants is only a scheme along the Stalinist lines.

If the left-led Government of Kerala is to continue going with this careless attitude, then, the consequences that await them are extreme. No doubt they are going to pay a huge price for their neglect and absent-mindedness

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