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Get N4M RSS Feeds By Category

N4M RSS Feeds

Using RSS feeds, you can stay updated with news from N4M Media Network with nil effort, and that too absolutely free.

N4M Updates + RSS feeds for your websites = Searchable information and credits to your digital properties.

Lot of authors, academicians, subject matter experts, researchers, story tellers, news broadcasters etc keep updating, posting news articles and stories on N4M Media Network. Those of you who may want one thread containing every update in our network instead of constantly having to check this site for latest updates all the time, can now subscribe to a live RSS feed and get automatic updates whenever any new material is published. 

What exactly is an RSS feed? Imagine if someone regularly sent you a note that contains only the freshly published  updates to a web page, instead of seeing every version of the web page without knowing what was changed. An RSS feed is simply a file that contains only those changes that have been made to a file, since you last saw it. Think of it as getting a stream of updates, stories and articles instead of hearing every version of the same story. Choice to browse the freshly published articles or to link them automatically to your own website or blog for keeping your content current, remains fully yours. You may do this to please your viewers or to add value to your own subscribers.



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