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N4M’s News Network is constantly growing, and we’re ever happy to welcome new contributors and authors into our writers clan.

If you have great writing skills and eager to share your thoughts and expertise with millions around the world – well, it’s time to publish!

This page collects everything you need to know before you email us your piece. Please read it carefully. Thank you!

What we accept:

Our mission is to provide everyone with fresh, relevant, interesting content every day. We place the utmost care to the quality and originality of every piece we publish. Therefore, we only accept articles that are:

  • Original (never published before)
  • Proprietory (written in your own hand, no copyrights infringed)
  • Equipped with proper context (through attribution, references / sources, quotes)
  • Well-written (proper grammar, innovative arguments, inspiring points of view)
  • Honest, Unbiased & Independent Reviews of products, services, companies, ownerships, founders, Top 10’s etc.

PN: An article once originally published with us can be published at other places as well provided that the standard link back with the annotation “First published at N4M media on date xx.xx.xxxx” is mentioned.

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What we won’t accept

We will review and approve each and every article before publishing it. We won’t be able to accept:

  • Anything that has appeared elsewhere (If we find out it’s not original after publishing it, we will remove the piece)
  • Anything that is promotional. The promotional ones go under the sponsored advertorial category.
  • Anything that is inaccurate or contains wrong information
  • Anything that is offensive or biased

Article specifications

Please make sure that you send us a Word document including:

  • Minimum 1500+ words  (Ideal will be approx 2000 words)
  • Title and short abstract
  • A link to your website or blog (Looking for multiple links, go for sponsored articles)

What else we’ll need from you

Please also send us:

  • Any images in a separate folder and properly named. (Minimum one image of size 1200×675 pixels to represent the article as featured image is recommended)
  • Your name, surname, job title, bio (approx 300 characters), good res/size headshot
  • A Declaration from the sender: “I do hereby declare that the above article has not been submitted to any media for publication or has not been published in any forms in any media.”

How to submit your article

Send your write-ups through email (preferred) to Every article will be reviewed by our editorial team and, if it gets a green light, will be published across all our platforms.

Usually, we tend to keep any amendments to a minimum. However, we may amend, write off or add any content if our editorial team considers it necessary.

We may also include links and calls to action to N4M’s resources, wherever reqd.

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