Weight Loss Clinics In Delhi
Bismillah Film Review

Drama Film Bishmillah – Movie Review

An artist has no religion of his own and for him divinity is his music. Bismillah Movie Review
Digital Distractions

Digital Distractions – A Disturbing Trend That Is Destroying Gen Alpha

Kids in Gen­er­a­tion Alpha club are the first gen­er­a­tion to be born entire­ly with­in 21st cen­tu­ry and exposed to Digital Distractions

Lakhs Throng ISKCON Temple In Bangalore On Janmashtami

Janmashtami, when scores of devotees have darshan of Lord Krishna every year. Over 2 lakh people visited the temple on this auspicious occasion.
Gaming Industry

The Gaming Industry Keeps On Reaching Completely New Heights

The gaming business has become an enormous giant. So much so that some of gaming industries around the world have been breaking records each year.
Most profitable sports

Best and Most Profitable Sports to Bet on in 2022

Lots of fans, bookmakers, and even players are entering the sports betting area nowadays. The most popular and trendy betting sports in 2022 are listed here
Myth - House Always Wins

Demystifying The Myth: House Always Wins

The house always wins. How true is this common saying, especially concerning online gaming?
Best Sport NFL

Reasons Why The NFL Is The Best Sport In The World

Why do we love soccer as a sport so much? And why do we consider it the best in the world? Read on to find out
NFL Tips

NFL Expert Picks: Everything You Need To Know About NFL Odds

From understanding the odds to picking the right team, there is a lot that goes into while making a choice. This is where an NFL expert can help

What You Need To Know About Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL) is a broader term used to define the various lymphomas affecting the lymphatic system, including the lymph nodes and lymph tissue.
legalized cannabis / marijuana

Driving Under The Influence Of Marijuana May Be Downright Dangerous 

Pot can not only impair your judgement and your timing, but it can also lead to a DUI (Driving While under the Influence) arrest. Read on
Team Puffins with Ruskin Bond

The Writer From The Hills Writes…

"Perhaps there is too much of me in my stories," the writer from the hills talks about his book "The Night Train at Deoli"
Japan Opens to Tourism

Japan Reopens To Tourism: Preparing For The Trip To A Very Different Culture

After a self-enforced two-year hiatus, Japan reopened its borders to tourists once more albeit with some strict rules in place for travellers.
Metabolism is life

Metabolism Is Life – Be It Plants, Animals Or Humans

Processes of metabolism are not just exclusive to human body. Rather every living being has its metabolism, from smallest bacteria to plants to animals to humans
Auto Accident Injury

Recovery Steps After An Auto Accident Injury

There are no shortcuts in the recovery process after an auto accident injury. Here are some Recovery steps you must know
Senior Care

How Senior Care Is Improving In 2022

New technologies are making the task of senior care easier. Here are a few advancements that are having a positive impact on senior care in 2022
India's Zoom Air

With Insolvency Proceedings Initiated, India’s Zoom Air Up For Grabs

Not everything is Lost. The Insolvency initiation against India's Zoom Air could even turn as a blessing in disguise for the Airlines and it's steady staff.
Must Watch Feminist Movies

9 Must Watch Feminist Movies Of All Times

Film industry has mostly been male dominated and often women face a tough time competing. Here is a list of Must watch feminist movies for you
Benefits of Regular Cycling

This Will Make You Hop On A Bike: 5 Proven Benefits Of Regular Cycling

Curious about how cycling can benefit you? Here’s all you need to know about the various advantages of pedalling, and many more