Language Of Desire – No One Teaches You How To Retain Relationships

Whether you are an Indian woman or for that matter any woman in a relationship, be it husband-wife or a boyfriend. Have you ever felt that ANXIETY?

You understood what I’m talking about.. that FEAR in your gut when you and the guy you’re dating are miles (maybe thousands of miles apart.)

See, some folks have this disgusting idea that if you’re not in the same “zip code / city” then cheating “doesn’t count”. But do you subscribe to this idea.

More so women from countries where they are completely dependent on their hubbies. Non-working, housewives, women taking a break and all sorts who just can’t bear the thought of losing their hubby’s for even a day, leave alone permanently.

Language of Desire - How to Retain Relationships

Well as a female myself and being from a traditional Indian family, I certainly used to worry about this aspect.

My husband used to be very punctual in the beginning, in the sense, that he would just rush back home from office to be in my company. However as years passed, this started becoming less frequent. Often he would ring up and say that he would come late today as he had an official dinner, and that i should have my dinner and sleep off.

Slowly the frequency of such dinners started becoming too high to digest. it was here that i started worrying about my married life. I would often get jitters to think if he was dating someone more beautiful and younger to me. Was he back with his school time old flames? All such sort of ideas started crossing my mind and kept me pre-occupied. This started taking a toll on our sexual life as well as i would keep worrying, would sleep less often and mostly started to keep to myself.

But then, it was just by chance or some divine luck that I happened to come across this naughty erotic secret from Felicity Keith. . .

Well to introduce you, Felicity is just a regular woman like you and me. She’s in her 40’s and is pleasantly chubby, slightly on the heavier side, can be referred as a little overweight.

But she figured out how to use ‘Words’ tactfully to keep a person 100% sexually focused on You (and ONLY you) no matter how far away you are.

It’s this art that most Indian women or for that matter most women lack. And there is no turning to, for help. No other woman will tell you how to keep your man or boyfriend happy, unless she starts getting interested in your man for herself.

If you just learn what Felicity talks about it’s like having a magic thread connecting you and your man.

An unbreakable thread!

A thread so strong that even if some flirty in a tight mini skirt is flirting with him at a business conference, all he can think about, is YOU.

In hindsight, I can say that the “Language of Desire” was precisely what I need and that too at the very right time and my man was literally slipping out of my hand and the larger life.

Knowing the plight of women like me or even those who have just entered into a relationship and want to remain a focus of their fiancees, boy-friends and husband’s alike, this is what you really need to hear and imbibe. Old saying that you write your own destiny and it fits so well here. Visit this link below and my best wishes for ever lasting, lively relationships.

Language Of Desire

P.S. If this works hundreds and thousands of miles away, you won’t believe what it does to a guy when you use it in the same room with him.