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Karnataka Elections Matter – How A Win Will Impact Both BJP...

Why Karnataka Elections 2018 Matter? The bugles for Karnataka assembly elections have been sounded. The elections are scheduled for May 12 and the results would...

Will Turning A New Leaf Help The Congress? N4M

As next year’s pivotal general elections against the ruling BJP loom large on the horizon, a question that seems to preoccupy the Congressmen these...

A Slip Of Tongue, Yet Again Or A Parapraxis For Sure?

A slip of tongue! Really? One gaffe after another on public platform and political rallies was a norm for the Congress leadership from 2014 to...

Rahul Trashes PM Modi’s Claims Against Corruption, Alleges Data Stealing

Srirangapattana (Karnataka); With the Karnataka state assembly gearing up for elections, its war cry from Congress, that is known to have always been on...