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Quality In Higher Education, Role Of Teachers & Challenge Of Technology

Quality In Higher Education, Role Of Teachers & Challenge Of Technology

Rights Under Threat, Indian Labourers Struggle To Survive The Pandemic

Indian Labourers face the worst onslaught on multiple fronts. Not only their meagre income is lost, but now they risk contracting COVID19 or face starvation

Imperative That Govt Steps In To Protect 11 Crore People Engaged...

It's time to act. 11 Crore Peoples lives is in danger. Imperative That Govt Steps In Immediately To Protect these 11 crore People Engaged In MSMEs across India

Time For Some Tough Decisions In Post Covid19 Era

With the power of innovation and the spirit of entrepreneurship having been unleashed by young India, it's time for some Tough Decisions in post covid19 era

The Path Ahead – Battling Covid19 On The Economic Front

Battling COVID19 outbreak will require political will and decisive actions from the government in terms of ramping up the healthcare infrastructure, ensuring public distribution of essentials to fulfil basic needs, and income transfers to the poor, among others. The government should not constrain such expenditures in view of maintaining the permissible limit of fiscal deficit. A higher fiscal deficit may not be inflationary now, since demand is drastically down.

Union Budget 2020-21, A Bagful Of Contradictions

Union Budget 2020-21 | Why is govt not doing what it can? It can't be lack of political will. Then does it want a crisis to persist for some political & social agenda