Air India, India’s leading global airline, has announced its partnership with MedAire, a premier aviation medical support provider, to ensure emergency healthcare services to its passengers and crew on board its flights.

The initiative sets a benchmark in the Indian aviation sector, making Air India the first airline in the country to integrate MedAire’s advanced medical assistance across its entire fleet.

MedAire, through its app Medlink, will provide round-the-clock access to a team of on-duty emergency physicians with aviation expertise for consultation in the event of an inflight medical situation. The medical team will assist in assessing the medical situation and recommend the course of care. With Air India enhancing its nonstop connectivity to long-haul international destinations, this collaboration underscores the airline’s commitment towards passenger and crew safety.

Campbell Wilson, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Air India said: “The partnership marks a significant milestone in the airline’s transformation journey to become a world-class airline offering pleasant, safe, and reliable service. MedAire’s expertise in providing medical support services for airlines will meet the requirements of our expanding operations. The initiative extends beyond immediate health benefits, positioning Air India as a leader in customer care and operational excellence.”

Peter Tuggey, Managing Director of Europe, Middle East and Asia, MedAire, said: “Our alliance with Air India marks a pivotal moment in our joint efforts to transform in-flight healthcare. Air India’s proactive approach to safety and genuine commitment to passengers’ well-being is commendable. Through this partnership, we will create an exceptional travel experience, further enhancing the confidence and comfort of passengers and crew on every Air India journey.”

Besides effectively handling medical crises, the collaboration will reduce medical diversions with real-time professional assistance – minimising inconvenience to passengers. In case a diversion is advised, the most suitable airport for such medical emergency landing is also recommended by the MedAire network and the airport also alerted to handle the situation.

“MedAire’s in-flight app, MedLink, will guide the crew members through complex medical scenarios during an in-flight emergency. It will help them handle a crisis effectively, providing solutions until the aircraft reaches its destination. This will ensure best possible care for passengers by facilitating the crew capture diagnostic information and transmit it seamlessly through the app to a pool of MedAire experts for real-time advice,” said SVP, Safety, Security & Quality at Air Inda, Henry Donohoe.

“We are thrilled to partner with Air India, marking a significant milestone not just for our two organisations but also for the entire aviation industry in India. This collaboration with Air India, a carrier renowned for its commitment to passenger welfare and safety, highlights our shared dedication to setting new standards in in-flight healthcare,” stated CEO, MedAire, Bill Dolny.

The collaboration, in future, will help Air India assess a passenger’s health condition at the airport before his flight if required, which would prevent an in-flight medical event and possible diversion, reducing the risks associated with an unplanned landing.

About Air India

Founded by the legendary JRD Tata, Air India pioneered India’s aviation sector. Since its first flight on October 15, 1932, Air India has built an extensive domestic network with nonstop flights to cities around the world, across the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Far-East, South-East Asia, Australia, and the Gulf. After 69 years as a government-owned enterprise, Air India and Air India Express were welcomed back into the Tata group in 2022.

Air India is navigating through a significant five-year transformation roadmap under the aegis of Vihaan.AI, with an ambition to become a world-class airline with an Indian heart. The first two phases of this transformation, the taxi phase, was recently concluded and focused on fixing the basics. These included bringing back to service many long-grounded aircraft, the addition of talent across flying and ground functions, rapid upgradation of technology and strengthening of customer care initiatives, amongst others. A member of Star Alliance, the largest global airline consortium of leading international airlines, Air India offers seamless connectivity and facilities to passengers all over the world.

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