The post Covid 19 world would require a much greater attention to green energy technologies and green science and engineering in all sectors of socio economic and agro industrial development. This major shift towards green technology is an assurance of a green and prosperous future for the people of India and for the world community. India is sitting on the gold mine of an opportunity for accelerating the use of the green energy technologies, given the god almighty’s grace on India for solar energy and enormous biological green waste from its agriculture. While India has done remarkably well in solar energy, it has yet too significantly enhanced in commitment to biogas production and its utilization. Biogas production from bio waste that the nation produces in plenty. Amity University Haryana functioning from its lush green and 100-acre campus at Panchgaon near Manesar has today inaugurated its Biogas powered “Bio Lamp” in presence of its senior scientists and research scholars.  

Informing about the Bio Lamp, Dr Viveak Ballyan, Assistant Director said, “Presently, we have a 3 cubic meter capacity biogas digester, which converts the cow dung into Biogas, which we are using for cooking. Besides this, the bio slurry that is produced by this process is an excellent organic fertilizer and it improves soil and crop yields in the organic agriculture fields of the university. We have installed a Bio – Lamp for lighting in our organic vegetable garden.” 

Prof PB Sharma lighting up the Biogas Lamp during the Inauguration Ceremony, Amity University, Haryana, India

The biogas from a cow dung based biogas plant can be further refined to produce pure methane which can be utilized for production of bio hydrogen, says Prof Indu Shekhar Thakur, Director ASEES of AUH who is among the top 2% world scientists in the area of microbial biotechnology. This initiative of AUH for Bio Gas utilization for illumination has inspired us to develop a demonstration unit for production of bio hydrogen, a future technology in which we have sufficient expertise, added Prof Thakur. 

Sharing his excitement on the inauguration of Bio-Lamp in the campus premises, Vice Chancellor Prof P B Sharma himself a renowned renewable energy technologist said, “Our scientists are seriously engaged in developing green hydrogen technologies to strengthen our nation’s Green Hydrogen mission. Amity University Haryana campus under the visionary leadership of Dr Ashok K Chauhan, Founder, Amity Group and inspirational leadership of Dr Aseem Chauhan, Chancellor, AUH has implemented some of the best green practices that include extensive water harvesting system, total treatment of waste water and its re-use in campus 500kw of solar power and effective waste management system. The AUH has been awarded LEED Platinum Certification by US Green Building Council in 2018 and is the leading crusader of green practices in India, said Prof Sharma. 

Dr Kushagra Rajendra, HoD, ASEES said that, “The scientists of AUH are deeply committed to support the growth of the carbon neutral economy of our country.

Dr SK Jha, Director, ASLA  SP Singh, Sr Manager, Agro Farm AUH, Pranshul Pathak, HoD, ALS, Sandeep Singh, Dy OSD to VC,  Sanjeev Rathi, Shubhansh Tiwari, Priya Bameta were also present at the occasion.  

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