In the backdrop of Taiwan’s ruling party winning a third presidential term, it is hilarious to hear the POTUS Joe Biden saying the US does not support the independence of Taiwan. Some guys are calling Biden the typical double faced crook. His teleprompter was made hack-proof after the gaffe when he went on narrating driving hundreds of km in China, which was out of context. Has China launching a rocket over Taiwan and several balloons during elections and Chinese President Xi Jinping saying integration of Taiwan with China is “inevitable” rattled Biden?

A US-China war over Taiwan would necessarily involve the mainland of both countries, which Biden would have realized – no more sitting on the fence and watching the fireworks like in Ukraine or Gaza. But there are other reasons why Biden’s conciliatory signal to China. American sanctions against China have been largely ineffective; not even halting the rise of China’s chip industry. Arguably, the US does have military power although China-Russia may have surged ahead in certain technologies like hypersonic, but China’s global industrial output is 28.4% compared to America’s 16.6%.

With the ongoing war in Ukraine, America’s external debt has risen to $33.5 trillion plus (highest ever) although it can print dollars like toilet paper because its currency is not linked to gold holdings. The dollar is not endangered but more than 120 countries are already trading in the Chinese Yuan and more are likely to follow suit. A US-China war over Taiwan before the US presidential elections would be disastrous for Biden. Therefore, the Biden-Blinken duo may replay Nixon-Kissinger snuggling up to China in 1972 although the latter failed to get Beijing’s assurance over Taiwan. This will fuel Beijing’s super power ambitions but Biden hopes for a breather.

Witness the debate in the International Court of Justice over South African allegations of Israeli genocide in Gaza, with the US supporting Israel. Hamas did indulge in rapes and barbarity when attacking Israel on October 7, 2023.  But Israeli claims of killing Hamas and balance are  collateral damage must take into account following: some 28, Palestinians have already died in Israeli bombings-cum-operations; over 70% of killed and wounded are women and children as per UNICEF; UN staff workers and international journalists have been killed; 1.9 million people displaced and Gaza not habitable according to the UN?

The International Criminal Court is to investigate targeted killings of journalists in Gaza according to Reporters Without Borders. Israel’s Channel 12 reported on December 25, 2023 that more than 20 ships and 244 US aircraft have delivered over 10,000 tons of armaments and military equipment to Israel since the start of the war.

According to David Arakhamia, top Ukrainian politician and presidential advisor, a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine was agreed in principle in March 2022 that was later shot down by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Boris was called Biden’s pet-pooch on social media. Now Biden has detailed his two other pets (Germany’s Scholz and Britain’s Sunak) to fuel the Ukraine war. Sunak heads a country that looted $47 trillion from India and one of his predecessor, Churchill, engineered the genocide in Calcutta killing 3,000000 Indians, calling them “beastly people with a beastly religion”. 

America’s war on Russia, using Ukraine as proxy, has adversely affected the global economy and supply chains, hitting poor and developing nations the most. If that was not enough, Biden has expanded the Gaza war into a regional one, by attacking Houthis in Yemen in conjunction with sidekick Britain. This, despite the fact Houthi had announced they won’t interfere in Red Sea shipping if Israel stops bombing Gaza, and even in absence of this will only target vessels to and from Israel.

Yet, the US supports continued Israeli operations in Gaza and Biden says the attacks on Houthi are to ensure freedom of navigation in Red Sea (sic). Italy, Spain and France (all part of US-led Operation ‘Prosperity Guardian’) in the Red Sea do not back US-UK bombing of Yemen but Biden bashes on regardless, aim being to target Lebanon, Yemen and Iran.    

Why does America claim a Rule-Based Order which actually is a Rouge-Based Order and what is America’s foreign policy? Jeffrey D. Sachs, University Professor and Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, current SDG Advocate under the UN Secretary-General, exposes America completely. Readers must read this article, gist of which is as under:

  • Yearly military outlay of $1.5 trillion to the military-industrial complex and Washington insiders is a corruption scam, impoverishing and endangering America and the world, even as every major US foreign policy objective has failed in last 20 years.
  • The foreign policy is about Washington insiders chasing campaign contributions and lucrative jobs for themselves, staff, and family members. In short, US foreign policy is hacked by big money.
  • Foreign Policy Division is run by a small, secretive  coterie – top White House brass and CIA; State Department, Pentagon, Armed Services Committees, major military firms including Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon.
  • Public interest plays little role, for example, America ranks 40th globally in life expectancy – failed health policy,.
  • Key foreign policy makers run operations of 800 US overseas military bases. More wars, more business.
  • America’s wars are not waged by popular demand but by decisions from on high.
  • Propaganda is amplified by Washington think tanks who t live off donations by military contractors and foreign governments part of the US scam,; Atlantic Council, CSIS, and Institute for the Study of War by major military contractors.
  • This system is underpinned by complete subordination of the US Congress to the war business; avoiding any questioning of the over-the-top Pentagon budgets and wars instigated by the Executive Branch.

The above explains how Biden is repeatedly bypassing the US Congress easily and sanctioning money to fuel wars in Gaza and Ukraine. This should leave no doubts that the US is the Centre for Global Warmongering. 

Do our policy makers understand how America is double-dealing India or they too scared to acknowledge it?

Eric Garcetti was positioned as US Ambassador to India after keeping the post vacant for two years and him telling the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 2021 he would bring up human rights and discrimination such as via the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) as a “core” peace of engagement rather than as an obligation. In December 2023, US Ambassador to Pakistan Donald Armin Blome visited Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) and engaged with populace with Gilgit-Baltistan. On January 10 this year Jane Marriott, British envoy in Pakistan, travelled to Mirpur in POK to hold several meetings with businessmen and government officials.

Yet, we as a nation are focusing on Canada supporting Khalistanis, absolving the US completely of the CIA backing the critters despite setting fire to our Consulate in San Francisco twice – similar to  our pusillanimous response to China in eastern Ladakh. Is this because of the conditioning of our diplomats / diplomat-turned-politician while serving in Beijing and Washington or something else?

The author is an Indian Army veteran. Views expressed are personal.

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