Playing games is one of the most popular ways to keep yourself busy especially when bored. When you play you aim to win. Consequently, many players love to find tricks, cheating devices, or codes to help them win.  This is more rampant especially in video and mobile games, but also with some card and table games.

Few Cheating Devices and Strategies Players Employ:

Take a look below at a few of the cheating devices and strategies players employ.

Roulette Computers

Roulette computers are devices that can be used to beat roulette if used properly. It calculates the ball’s speed and wheel retardation to predict the winning sector.  However, this device won’t work when you play roulette online games. Roulette computers become handy in land-based casinos because most allow players to place their bets after the ball has been released by the croupier.

The commonest type of this cheating device requires players to click a button at some points for it to make predictions on where the ball will probably land. In other words, a user chooses a reference point and only has to click the button anytime the ball and zero go beyond the predicted point.

The button can be hidden in the shoes, in the suit, mouth, or other secretive places. But the most important thing is to ensure that it is in a position where it can be regularly clicked. This is because the result will be inaccurate if the timing is late. Apart from this, the whole process should be done in a way that it won’t draw others’ attention to one’s action.

The result is communicated through an earpiece after a calculation is done by the computer. Thereafter, the player will place a bet on the predicted number. Players must be very smart while using this device because as the croupier releases the ball, a player has about 15 seconds to make decisions and place bets. The computer’s prediction at times may not be accurate, so to be on a safer side, a player may bet on the surrounding numbers as well for the entire sections to be covered.

Poker Lenses

Poker lenses are used to spy and analyze one’s opponent card hidden information. Apart from poker, this device can also be used as a cheat in card games. The pack of cards is marked on the backside with some set of colors for easy identification. These colors are not visible with the naked eye after marking because it is in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. This makes them indistinguishable from the normal playing cards. Before the start of the game, the player will put on infrared contact lenses that will help identify the marked card in the opponent’s hand to make a better decision.

Cheat Code

Different cheat codes are usually made available most especially in video games, for instance, GTA.  The game designer intentionally builds codes into the game for certain reasons. The codes are traditionally used as a tool to test the game during the Quality Assurance phase. That is, testers use these cheats to verify if there is no malfunctioning with the game and to make sure it is playable. In short, to make sure that the game is just right! Additionally, the cheats particularly serve as shortcuts if the game has too many stages.

Logically, no game designer will want their game to be tiring to the extent that players abandon the game. Therefore, they use it as a strategy to arouse the interest of casual players for them to keep playing the game especially when they find it difficult to go past a level. Instead of manually deleting these little hacks from the source code, designers sometimes deliberately leave them for the aforementioned reasons.

The cheats are activated by pressing the game’s controller in a certain order or by typing a series of secret codes endorsed by the developer. This will unlock a bonus, add extra lifelines, or activate an unusual effect on the game mechanics thereby adding to the list of cheating devices for games.

BlackJack Pro

BlackJack Pro or Blackjack Beater is a device that is used to cheat especially when playing Blackjacks and some playing cards too. This device has some resemblance to a car alarm and is small enough to be hidden in the pocket.

The device simply works by secretly helping you to accurately count, add, and subtract playing card numbers. It then vibrates quietly when it is the right time for you to place your bets. The device is equipped with two main buttons. Players are required to press the left button if they see a low card number, say for example 6 or less. On the contrary, they will have to click the right button, if cards with a higher number (10 and above) show up. Whenever a neutral number like 7 to 9 comes up, the player is expected to do nothing. The main logic behind this is that the device simply adds or subtracts 1 whenever the right or left buttons are clicked respectively.

The condition is suitable for betting if there are more high numbers than lower numbers. For instance, if the total number is -6, it means that there is more high number as low numbers have been drawn from the pack. If on the contrary, it is better to bet less during this situation or back-out of the game. In other words, the higher the minus score, the more you should bet and vice versa.

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 Game Hacking Software

Unfortunately, not all video games are designed with cheats. In this case, game hacking or POKE statements can be used as an alternative means. This technique is used to modify or reverse the programmer’s gaming code. Hackers make use of advanced computer programming language to tweak the gaming software to customize their cheats. The video game hack at times may permit players to make changes to the game’s character or other general changes to the entire game.

The hacker sometimes may need to run secondary software (cheat software) on the game itself to make the whole process feasible. Some of this software can be downloaded online. After it is completely installed on the device, it may modify or change the game’s source code completely and permanently become part of it.


We’ve mentioned some cheating devices players use to gain more advantages while playing games. However, it is better to learn these games and develop strategies to win instead of cheating.  You get to enjoy the games more when you know how to play them. Also, using cheats in casinos is illegal in most countries.

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