According to Poland’s Deputy Chief of General Staff, General Dymanovsky, 300,000 NATO troops are on high alert for deployment in Poland. He said, “If earlier there were 40,000 soldiers, there are now 300,000, and they will arrive in the country not after the start of the war, but before it.” This shows only the tip of the iceberg of Ukraine’s defeat, even as America’s geopolitical prostitute, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, is going around begging for German Taurus missiles.

But the mess in which the US has pushed Ukraine into stands exposed by French weekly publication ‘Marianne’, as gleaned from a series of classified French military documents. The shocking revelations include the following: 

  • Ukraine’s 2023 ground offensive tactically destroyed half of Kiev’s 12 combat brigades. Assessment in the fall of 2023 was that Ukraine cannot win the war militarily.
  • Western Special Forces and ‘soldiers in civilian clothes’ had a far greater presence in Ukraine than officially acknowledged, including ‘quite a few British’,as well as French naval commandos training the Ukrainians.
  • The Battle of Avdeevka routed Ukrainian forces. Russia inflicted more than 1,000 casualties every day using massive glide bombs. Avdeevka shows Ukraine can’t even hold the line against Russia.
  • In 2024, Ukraine needs 35,000 men per month but is recruiting less than half of that number because it has run out of men, while Russia enlists 30,000 volunteers every month.
  • The West can provide 3D printers to manufacture drones or loitering munitions but can’t print men.
  • For the West to continue pursuing a military solution in Ukraine would be the most serious error of analysis and judgment.
  • One option for Western troops to Ukraine is to carry out support tasks in the rear, freeing the Ukrainians for frontline duty.
  • According to a senior French official, “Sending French troops to Ukraine would be unreasonable. Make no mistake, up against the Russians we are an army of cheerleaders!”

The above debunks all the US-led western myths about defeating Russia. It also proves that the recent State of the Union address by the POTUS Joe Biden amounted to playing cheerleader to the demise of Ukraine. His only concern is somehow winning elections through disinformation and accelerating his money laundering scheme – exposed by the acknowledgement that billions of dollars is not going to Ukraine but actually is going to American Defence Manufactures – the big contractors.

With Ukraine needing 35,000 men every month, how long would the 300,000 NATO troops (as claimed by Poland’s Deputy Chief of General Staff, General Dymanovsky) last if they have to defend Poland also, in addition to Ukraine?

In his State of the Union address, Biden exuded confidence, apparently using whatever medical or other means at his disposal. But he has been demonstrating his half-demented state by publicly speaking totally out of context whenever the teleprompter malfunctions or turns around and to start shaking hands in thin air. 

With eight months still to go for the presidential elections, the danger is that Biden may keep raising the bar in the war in Ukraine despite Russian President Vladimir Putin issuing a second warning that he will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons if NATO interferes and the threat to Russia’s existence is further increased.

Ceasefire talks have little chance with American pooch Zelensky agreeing to ceasefire talks proposed by Turkiye President Recep Erdogan but without participation of Russia. How can one be so stupid? Without Russian participation the so-called ceasefire/peace talks would be reduced to Zelensky pleading with his begging bowl for more arms and money.

Biden is rallying NATO-EU leaders posing possible offensive by Russia against them – what diversity from the discourse at the beginning of the war in Ukraine that Russia will be economically and militarily destroyed and globally isolated. Despite being weakened economically and de-industrialized by the US, these NATO-EU leaders ironically can’t visualize what a nuclear exchange would do to the US, leave aside their smaller nations. A nuclear explosion over the centre of the US would kill all communications in America although no one may die. Moreover, defence against a hypersonic Chinese/Russian nuclear weapon is different from shooting down Houthi drones over the Red Sea.

In response to French President Emmanuel Macron’s remarks about sending troops to Ukraine, European telegram channels posted specifications of the Russian ‘Sarmat’ missile. RS-28 Sarmat (SATAN 2) ICBM flies at a speed of Mach 21 or 25,930 km/h. After launch, the Sarmat ICBM will take one minute 46 seconds to reach Berlin, two minutes to reach Paris, two minutes and two seconds to reach Great Britain and 18 minutes to reach New York. One Sarmat ICBM with a nuclear warhead, housed in 10 individual warheads, has a strike area of up to 650,000 km2, which is comparable to the entire territory of France. They cautioned saying, “If we want to play with fire, we must know what we are dealing with”. 

No doubt a nuclear exchange is a signal for assured mutual destruction but the question is how far Biden would go to instigate Putin in his obsessive utopia to kill Russia. This too, when Ukraine stands defeated and his continuing cheerleader stance has earned him the title Bumbling Bhai Washington Wale.

In sharp contrast, Donald Trump, whatever his idiosyncrasies, has indicated he would end the War in Ukraine. It is for Americans to decide what future they want and how much more they want Europe to be weakened.

The author is an Indian Army veteran. Views expressed are personal.

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