Crosscope Inc, a Silicon Valley-based leader of AI-enabled Digital Pathology Software, and BALCO Medical Centre, flagship unit of Vedanta Medical Research Foundation (VMRF), are joining hands for the digital transformation of their pathology department. This collaboration will focus on using an AI-enabled Digital Pathology Platform from Crosscope, thereby, transforming analog histopathology workflow to AI-enabled digital workflow for the hospital.

Given the exponential rise of healthcare data volumes, healthcare providers are looking towards technology solutions that provide a complete 360-degree patient-centric view for the oncology care continuum. The past couple of years through the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the operational limits for patient care and collaborations between healthcare organizations and technology solutions have become more important than ever. Hospitals and healthcare providers are quickly revamping & leveraging new technologies like the one offered by Crosscope to expedite their digital transformation plans.With new cancer cases projected to rise by 70% within the next couple of decades, Crosscope is building a suite of technology solutions to usher innovation through cancer data-driven healthcare for accelerated and accurate cancer diagnosis for better patient outcomes. Crosscope, known for its expertise in deep learning-based computational pathology algorithms, will implement its AI enabled Digital Pathology platform Crosscope Dx, which provides a unified solution for the needs at BALCO Medical Centre.

“Effective deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the need of the hour in the healthcare sector. We anticipate digitization of pathology will result in improved workflow and most importantly, result in rapid and accurate diagnosis. These technological developments will enable faster, efficient, and affordable cancer care solutions for all”, said Chairperson of BALCO Medical Centre, Mrs. Jyoti Agarwal.

This partnership will lead to the deployment of Crosscope’s Digital Pathology platform to provide AI-based diagnostics support ensuring precision-based, time-bound cancer diagnosis, support collaboration, pathology workflows, and archiving of pathology images. “Indian healthcare is on the cusp of digital transformation and we, at Crosscope, are enabling healthcare providers with AI-assisted remote workflows for a pathology revolution. Our ultimate vision is to aid healthcare organizations with reduced turnaround time, improved diagnostic performance, global collaborations, and provide consistent and accurate care to patients in a timely manner” said Jayendra Shinde, Ph.D., the CEO of Crosscope.

BALCO Medical Centre is on a mission to provide affordable, world-class cancer care to all and offers ultra-modern, multi-modality diagnostic and therapeutic cancer treatment. “Microscopic examination of biopsies remains a daunting task and is the gold standard for diagnosis and staging of cancer. This type of AI-based solution platform, like Crosscope, is expected to lead to diagnostic and therapeutic precision and shorten the period between primary diagnosis and therapy”, said Dr. Sandeep Ojha, Consultant, Histopathology, BALCO Medical Centre.

With a multi-layered approach that involves digitization of data, deploying the end-to-end Digital Pathology solution, AI-enabled workflows, and integration, Crosscope is transforming the histology-driven cancer diagnostics landscape. “Digital transformation is a reality today and the effects of which can be seen in Crosscope’s AI-enabled vendor-agnostic Digital Pathology platform, which will allow a seamless transition from analog to digital with tools like AI-assisted triaging for efficient histopathology workload management and an integrated workflow solution that incorporates AI-assisted cancer detection tools for several tumor types ultimately assisting pathologists, cancer care providers in the region and around the world in early detection paving the way for precision medicine & early detection.” said Puneet Pantane, Chief Business Officer at Crosscope.

This collaboration between the two organizations will highlight how digitization & digital transformation in Pathology using AI, ML can bring change in the lives of cancer patients ensuring early diagnosis & helping pathologists to improve overall patient outcomes, decrease workload, reduce turnaround time drastically helping reduce the cancer disease burden for the region & the world.

About BALCO Medical Centre:

BALCO Medical Centre, Vedanta Medical Research Foundation’s (VMRF) first flagship initiative setup in Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh, is a 170-bed, state-of-the-art tertiary care oncology facility. With a robust medical team of more than 50 specialists, it provides affordable yet world-class treatment of cancer, the most critical disease known to mankind. BALCO Medical Centre has brought ultra-modern, multi-modality diagnostic and therapeutic facilities within easy reach of India’s population at a reasonable and affordable cost. Currently, it is fast emerging as a national leader in India’s oncology space including medical, surgical, radiation, haematological and palliative care.

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