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Indo-French relations are on a high but one cannot help notice the change in tone and tenor of French President Emmanuel Macron from his visit to Moscow last year to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin to his recent visit to Beijing to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping. Returning after his tete-a-tete with Putin last year, Macron had publicly described Putin as a very reasonable person. He was obviously convinced that conflict between Russia and Ukraine was avoidable. This was not different from the then Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennet who has recently disclosed that he proposed a Russia-Ukraine peace deal in March 2022 having consulted Putin and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky but this was not acceptable to Washington. This is hardly surprising because this is a US-led war against Russia using Ukraine as proxy. 

This time Macron had a long chat with POTUS Joe Biden before proceeding to Beijing to meet Xi Jinping – probably seeking directions on how to tackle Xi. Taking along President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen (some refer to her as the Nazi Babe) perhaps also was Biden’s idea. Macron would have been happy for the brief respite from unrest at home which made him cancel the visit of King Charles III to Paris. These fires on account his new pension bill refuse to subside and his approval ratings are plunging sharply. Opinion polls indicate that Marine Le Pen would win hands down if France goes to polls today. But then the CIA has the mastery in ‘invisible’ stoking such unrest globally, including in Europe, to keep European leaders like Macron on the leash making him forget France is a nuclear power and faces no threat fro Russia.

At Beijing both Macron and Ursula portrayed they wanted China not to arm Russia, test Xi’s willingness to talk to Zelensky and help bring peace in Ukraine – all this when the Biden administration has rejected Xi’s peace plan for Ukraine. Macron even asked Xi to talk sense to Russia over the Ukraine war. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken keeps issuing “threats” to China against arming Russia while the entire US-led West has weaponized Ukraine. Yo Yo Blinken’s latest cries are that international agreements and treaties must be respected.  He forgets the ugly record of US-NATO in this regard and the obligations under the Minsk Accords for granting autonomy to Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Amidst dawning realization, many American strategists, scholars, former diplomats, military and intelligence officials have penned how the US forced the war in Ukraine. Blinken could educate himself by reading how the CIA laid the foundation for this.

According to Ursula “It was interesting to hear that President Xi reiterated his willingness to speak” to Zelenskiy” albeit Xi had merely mentioned this could happen when the conditions and time are right. What has stopped Zelensky calling up Xi directly – fear of being snubbed or godfather Biden’s advice? Wasn’t this the same reason Zelensky expected Putin to call him and seek ceasefire even in early 2022. Immediately after arriving in Beijing, Macron told the media that Europe must not reduce trade and diplomatic ties with China and reject what some have cast as an “inescapable spiral” of tension between China and the West. This reflects the realization of how the US-led war against Russia (through Ukraine) has damaged the European economy to America’s benefit. For the same reason, Ursula von der Leyen visited Beijing, as did delegations from Germany and Spain.

NATO membership to Finland was sealed in 2022 when Finland’s then Prime Minister Sana Marin agreed to Biden’s plan to launch the sabotage of Russia’s Nord Stream pipelines from Finnish soil. Marin recently lost the premiership to Pedro Sanchez but the US will keep supporting her.  Another American stooge Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO now says that Ukraine would be given NATO membership only after it has thrown Russian’s out of Ukraine. The US-NATO fear obviously is that granting NATO membership to Ukraine could trigger nuclear war in which Europe would be devastated.

Despite the massive Western propaganda and Zelensky’s ravings, ground reports are emerging that for every Russian soldier killed 9-10 Ukrainian soldiers have died. That is why the US is trying to upgrade the hi-tech war and Musk is launching more satellites.  There is heavy discontent in Ukrainians against forced military recruitment while the women are allowed to go abroad with work permits in Europe. The fact remains that there is no way Ukraine can win this war.  

Ursula von der Leyen has recently said that stability of Taiwan Strait is a “paramount task” for the EU. How so Nazi Babe is the question on social media – is this the EU responsibility? But then Europe has been holding seminars on the Maoists insurgency in India and sending emissaries through designated NGOs to stoke more trouble and Ursula must lick Washington.

Xi Jinping is too smart not to discern American tactics of sending these emissaries to ask China to broker peace in Ukraine while twisting the knife in his back with sanctions and multiple accusations. If America has not noticed, China has achieved the unthinkable of orchestrating the official handshake between Saudi Arabia and Iran with both countries agreeing to open diplomatic missions in each other’s capital city. Iran and Saudi Arabia have reestablished diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has cut oil output again much to the discomfort of Biden. All these are signs that West Asia is getting ready to avenge what the US has been doing to it over the past decades. Docking of Russia’s Admiral Gorshkov armed with Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles at Jeddah Port of Saudi Arabia would have also raised concerns in the US.

America is in political and moral decline. The District Attorney of a state has charged former President Donald Trump for a federal offence; charges are in “sealed cover” which some experts say would be difficult to prove. Biden wants to deny Trump contesting the next presidential election. Elon Musk has called on the judiciary not to be partial to Democrats or Republicans. Former President Bill Clinton is ruing he asked Ukraine to give up its nuclear weapons but no one is talking about the blowjobs Clinton was enjoying in the White House. For that matter, no one knows whether Joe Biden paid hush money to Lunden Alexis Roberts, but when Hunter Biden won his paternity suit in March 2020, the court ruled that Joe Biden will pay an undisclosed monthly amount of child support health insurance premiums to Lunden Alexis Roberts, beginning April 1, as also an amount for Roberts’ attorneys’ fees and costs that Biden must pay by May 1. 2020.

The author is an Indian Army veteran. Views expressed are personal.

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