Tollywood industry has always been dwarfed by the Big Bro Bollywood. The brightest sparks from Tollywood would shift to Mumbai and this is how it has been going on all this while. But No More. Tollywood artists have slogged real hard and the hard work has started paying dividends. Today we can proudly say that Tollywood has started giving many movies that are not only doing good in the Bangla belt but are going places, from Cannes to many other international screenings. The credit certainly goes to the Tollywood actors and actresses whose talent, dedication and team work has made all this possible. N4M Team surveys and brings you some names of the most famous and best in Tollywood.

1Prosenjit Chatterjee

Prosenjit Chatterjee - Best Bengali Actors in Tollywood

He is the most well-known, experienced actor & producer in the Tollywood industry after our Mithun Da. He began his acting career as a child artist in the movie “Chotto Jigyasa”. After that he never had to look back. His “Amar Sangi” was a big hit that time & from that movie his fame started. Maybe you’ve seen him in Saratchandra Chattopadhaye’s “Chokher Bali” movie with Aishwarya Rai Bachhan and in “Shanghai” as Dr. Ahmadi, a social activist. He’s still in the lime light and stealing every girl’s heart with his look.


Deb - Best actors in Tollywood

The most handsome guy in this industry, every girl’s crush and everyone’s heart beats by his name. He known as actor, producer and politician. He is a boy from a small town called keshpur. His first movie was “Agnishapath (2006)” wasn’t a big hit but his next movie “I Love You” was a huge success. He’s a very talented artist which he showed in commercial films and art films too. He’s a very good dancer. But every girl’s heart broke when he revealed his relation with Rukmini Maitra


Jeet - Best Bengali Actors in Tollywood

Good looks comes with Jeet. He’s the most good looking guy in this industry. He belongs from a Punjabi family background.  His success came with his very first movie “Sathi (2002)”. He had done only the commercial films so far. But his fans are looking forward to see him in art films also.

4Ankush Hazra

Ankush Hazra - Best Bengali Actors in Tollywood

This cute looking face started his career in 2010 with “Kellafate”. Recently he stole everyone’s heart with his acting and cute smile. A small town boy from Bardhaman always dreamt of become a successful actor and obviously he succeed & here he is on number four.

5Abir Chatterjee

Abir Chatterjee Best Bengali Actors in Tollywood

If anyone says that you can’t act on movies if you’re acting in a soap opera, Abir proved them wrong. He started his career with many hit serials and now he’s one of the best movie actors. He appeared as Byomkesh Bakshi & Feluda which made him more popular in the audience. Maybe he does not have the heroic face but his height and his smile makes him more attractive

6Parambrata Chatterjee

Parambrata Chatterjee Best Bengali Actors in Tollywood

So here comes my personal favorite and another actor who started his career from soap operas. I’m sure you guys have seen him in the movie “Kahaani (2012)” starring along with Vidya Balan. At the starting of his career he was famous as ‘Topshe’ Feluda’s assistant cum nephew. But after that he had done many art films and directed some of them too. So he’s at number 6 in my list!

7Soham Chakraborty

Soham Chakraborty - Best Bengali Actors in Tollywood

He was a very famous child actor from his very first movie “Choto Bou”, he was only 1 or 2 and a half years old then, but he melted everyone’s heart with his acting, & really he was the cutest. His first film as an adult was “Bajimat” which was a big hit but after that his another blockbuster movie came “Prem Amar” and after that he had done many more movies and here he’s in number

8Jishu Sengupta

Jishu Sengupta - Best Bengali Actors in Tollywood

Passion can take you to the top, he was an ex cricketer but his passion was acting so he debuted in a serial named “Mahaprabhu” & that makes his career smoother. He’s mainly known as an art film actor.

9Anirben Bhattacharya

Anirben Bhattacharjee - Best Bengali Actors in Tollywood

Now a days everyone is crushing over this guy. He’s mainly a theater artist and from there his fame flourished over every people in Kolkata. He started his film career with the Zee Bangla telefim “Kader Kuler Bou”. He got fame for his character as Bishan Roy from the film “Eagoler Chokh”. Recently he made his fans more proud with his acting in “Dhananjy”. His fans are looking forward to see him in many more good films.

10Saswata Chatterjee

Saswat Chatterjee Best Bengali Actors in Tollywood

Dada ek minuet’ this dialogue was very famous after releasing “Kahaani”. Yeah we all know him as Bob Biswas but beside that he is a very famous personality in Kolkata. He began his career with a serial named “Kaalpurush”. At first he was famous as “Topshe” in Feluda television series. Then he had done many art films such as Ritwik Ghatak’s “Meghe Dhaka Tara”. But “Kahaani” brought the fame towards him.

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