Do you know that one can identify an article written by ChatGPT in less than three seconds? Usually, it takes 1-second and the next two seconds to confirm if your hypothesis and hunch are true.

Before I start, here is the background – Today, LinkedIn, Newspapers, or Magazines are ‘infested’ with “reams of pages” for articles by people in influential positions or journalists who chose the lazy way out with ChatGPT.

Here are the 10 things that are a dead giveaway and 5 things you can do to stop.

  • The use of words such as “tapestry,” “navigating,” “weaving success,” and “work landscape” in the heading itself. These terms are often found in any standard untrained and unedited ChatGPT output. They aren’t commonly used in our real-life conversations.
  • Similarly, expressions like “kaleidoscope”, “loom where threads”, “ink flows through pages”, “nuances of talent,” “monochrome or a canvas,” and “vibrant or ever-evolving mosaic” are used.
  • Very frequently, the phrases “dynamic tapestry” and “collaborative masterpieces” are mentioned, with words like “enthralling” or “imperative.”
  • Then some write with emojis like these – 🍒🍰 🚀✨ 🌟 🎂💪 🌈👩‍💼 🎉✨. Some writings here and there are acceptable. But an overdose of these emojis immediately is an absolute tell-tale sign.
  • Then, there are absolutely zero typos and spelling errors. That is impossible in a long, long, self-written article, however much grammar checks exist.
  • Then, the article’s headings/subheadings are a dead giveaway; for instance, their writings always conclude with “looking ahead” and “in conclusion.”
  • The subheadings tend to involve a play of word alliterations with fairly complex or unused words that, while sounding brilliant, do not genuinely reflect the author’s voice. No one writes like that.
  • In fact, in the first few seconds, or from reading just the first title or subtitle, paragraph or heading, one should be able to discern whether an individual or ChatGPT writes the article.
  • Those who otherwise do not usually write have suddenly become active on LinkedIn and Social Media. Writing a 150-word article is tough, let alone a 450-word article.
  • ChatGPT usually has writings of a particular word limit, and invariably, you will see the articles in those set word limits. And yes, those zillion hashtags. These writers, in general, do not write in hashtags. Often, the hashtags far exceed a paragraph.

Unfortunately, in their enthusiasm, they may not realize that within seconds, they have lost the respect and credibility of an avid reader or follower. In 3-seconds, it becomes apparent to the reader that the content is ChatGPT generated. This leaves the reader shortchanged, for they engage with the author only to learn the deeper insights. ChatGPT’s repeated use of clichés and rhetorical phrases and reluctance to engage deeply only does more damage than good for all their fabulous work of decades and reputation.

Now that you know how to identify a ChatGPT imposter, here are a few tips to overcome that reputation and come out unscathed.

  • Using ChatGPT or generative AI is intelligent and efficient. I am not going to say go back to the caveman age and stop using these tools. I will only say, please don’t be lazy.
  • Write your thoughts and keywords with absolute clarity. Write prompts that complete your entire thought process, uniqueness, and depth.
  • If typing is a problem, use Siri or Google Voice, even ChatGPT voice Chat and keep talking all that you want to. But for heaven’s sake, talk through your thoughts.
  • Train your ChatGPT. Write 5-10 articles yourself, start to finish on some subjects and train the ChatGPT to learn “your style”, ‘your unique style”. That will maintain your individuality and mirror your writing style without sacrificing credibility.
  • There were always ghostwriters and scriptwriters for every notable executive and CEO worth their salt. However, what was different was that the writers then had their own style and often mirrored the style and language of the executive. Chat GPT can be that assistant.

Maybe the new adage should read – It’s better to keep silent on social and appear stupid than ChatGPT it and remove all doubt.

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