Indeed, 2023 was an election season to remember in Karnataka. The air was buzzing with anticipation, the speeches were filled with fervor, and the promised land of peace, prosperity, and progress was just a vote away. How could we ever forget the valiant calls from our beloved Prime Minister and Home Minister, who tirelessly reminded us of the moral duty we held towards our state?

The Indian Prime Minister himself led an extensive campaign for the BJP, setting aside the duties of the Prime Minister and becoming the Chief Campaigner for Karnataka local Assembly Election. This was so significant an election that the PM did a remarkable high-octane campaign of 19 rallies and six road shows over the course of seven days. The union ministry and other state government chief ministers from Assam to Uttar Pradesh fully got engaged in  comprehensive campaign strategy that included 311 visits to temples and Mutts, 9125 public meetings, 1377 roadshows, and 9077 street corner meetings held across Karnataka.

With a charisma that can only be described as magnetic, the Prime Minister’s clarion calls echoed through the streets of Karnataka. His words were nothing short of a wake-up call, vociferously reminding us to keep the revered Bajrang Bali in mind as we decided the fate of our beloved state. Truly, it was a novel concept, an innovative thought, and a mantra for the ages. Every Kannadiga and Karnataka voter did take it very seriously and chanted Bajrang Bali before pressing the button on EVM.

Equally awe-inspiring was the Home Minister’s heartfelt plea, urging Karnataka to focus on our own future and guard against those dreaded ‘anti-national elements (tukde-tukde gang).’ We should learn from the Kerala Model and vote this time, to protect our nation and Karnataka he said. Oh, how we trembled at the thought of such divisive forces within our midst! The sense of urgency in his voice was not lost on us, and we admired his commitment to protecting our unity and the entire Karnataka voted as per his instructions.

And let’s not forget the valuable contributions of Mr. JP Nadda. His insightful observations encouraged us to ponder the future and make a decision that would ensure our welfare, prosperity and progress. It was a call to action that resonated deeply within us, reminding us that the future of Karnataka was in our hands and we must vote for the right government.

The election results were a sight to behold. With a poor showing of just 137 seats, the Indian National Congress emerged as a surprise choice of the people based on the above ‘conscience’ calls. The BJP, on the other hand, despite their heartwarming campaign and extensive efforts, could secure a princely 65 seats. Ah, the unpredictability of democracy!

But the real cherry on top was the emergence of the ‘double engine sarkar.’ The BJP always reminded Karnataka of voting for a double engine sarkaar. The dynamic duo of Mr. Siddaramaiah and Mr. DK Shivakumar ascended to position of Chief Minster and Dy Chief Minister, promising to propel Karnataka into an era of unprecedented double engine growth and success. The mandate  was a testament to people’s dedication and commitment to the powerful Karnataka.

The people of Karnataka, forever grateful for the enlightening speeches by our leaders, basked in the afterglow of their collective decision. They had answered the clarion call. They had thought of Bajrang Bali. They had elected a government that promised peace, prosperity, and progress. Truly, it was a day of triumph for democracy and a victory for the conscience of the people.

So here’s to the great state of Karnataka! Here’s to the spirit of democracy that led us to this wonderful outcome. And most importantly, here’s to our beloved leaders who never failed to remind us of our duty and guided us along the path of righteousness. May we continue to thrive under the watchful eyes of our new ‘double engine sarkar.’

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