You have a wide spreading backyard area, and the surrounding garden seems to add more beauty to the place. Now, with the help of pergolas, you can create a proper sitting arrangement in that outdoor space. So, if you are sick and tired of work and want to spend some alone time, then these pergolas will come to the rescue.

Most of the time, these pergolas are primarily architectural frames, with a top and practically no side. The sides remain open, but that might compromise a bit when it comes to privacy. Moreover, the open sides won’t protect you from light drizzle or harsh sun rays. So, to make this seating arrangement a bit more comfortable, people are aiming for pergola shade cover these days. As expected from the name itself, the main goal of the shades is to improve the look and value of it more.

Here are Some Ideas To Jot Down For Enhancing Beauty Of Outside Space

1. Wooden Shade

Enhancing beauty of outside space
Pergola with Wooden Shade

This is one of the simplest and most common shade cover options for your backyard. The uniqueness lies in the choice of wood, and it should be cedar for outdoor use. You can hire a carpenter to build this wooden pergola for you, or else you can also go ahead and assemble it yourself. Once done, you can easily enhance its beauty by adding some comfy seating arrangements right beneath the shade.

2. Stone Shade

If you are looking for an even simpler version, then this stone pergola might be your best bet. Here again, you will need to hire a carpenter, and he will assemble the main frame for you within no time. However, the inner finishing is completely dependent on your choice. You can choose to use flat panel or fiber cement sheets for this part of work. The stone pergola does require a solid foundation, and that again depends on your piece of land.

3. Wood Shade With Stone/Tile Base – Pergola Shade Cover

This pergola shade cover is a bit more complicated in terms of its construction but can be extremely beautiful if done rightly. The basic frame of the pergola will be made up of wood, and the entire thing will be covered with stone or tile. You might need some professional help for this one, as it is a bit complicated to create

The entire idea is to build a solid foundation and then assemble the frame as per your space availability. From here, you can further enhance the beauty of the stone or tile work, but it should be durable enough to handle all sorts of weather conditions. Moreover, this type of shade will not protect you from rain or direct sunlight.

4. Wooden Shade With Stone/Tile Base – Pergola Shade Cover

Wooden pergolas are always a favorite, and it can easily enhance the natural look of your garden area. But, these shade covers will need proper maintenance if you want to enhance their life. The biggest advantage is that they require less time to build and can easily be customized as per your needs.

This shade cover is perfect for those who want to enjoy some privacy and protection from the harsh weather conditions. The entire frame of the pergola will be made up of wood, and then it will be covered with either stone or tile. You can choose to do this work yourself, but it is always better to hire a professional for the job.

5. Glass Shade – Pergola Shade Cover

This is an extremely elegant option and can easily change the entire look of your backyard area. The best part is that it provides good ventilation and can easily be customized as per your needs. However, this type of shade cover is a bit expensive and will need a professional to work on it.

But, the benefits are many, and these pergola shades can be extremely eye-catching if done right. Moreover, they can easily be converted into winter gardens or an outside dining area during summer days. In short, your possibilities are endless when you have this type of shade cover.

What type of pergola shade cover do you prefer for your backyard area? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

So, to make this seating arrangement a bit more comfortable, people are aiming for pergola shade cover these days. As expected from the name itself, the main goal of the shades is to provide some shade to your seating area and also enhance the look of the garden area.

In short, it is a much-needed element for any backyard or balcony that is used for outdoor activities at daytime. Now, when you think about the pergola shade cover options available in the market, you will find plenty of them out there. So, in this article, we will discuss the 5 most popular types of pergola shade covers and their benefits.

Some of the creative ways to add on the shades

Now, if you search the world of internet, you will come across various designer shades for the pergolas available already. Checking out the best one among the lot can be tough. But, one you get an idea of these shades, you can gladly make the right choice among the lot.

Fixed roofs for the pergolas

Pergolas can be used for framing some areas like the entertainment areas, lounges, outdoor kitchens and more. These spaces are always in need of protection than any of the open-topped and ordinary pergolas. So, focusing on the fixed roofs will be the perfect solution you could have aimed for.

  • The pergola is mainly topped with that fixed canopy, which is made using polycarbonate panels.
  • The panels are mostly UV resistant and will present the protection and shade from snow and rain too.

Get along with the tension fabric:

If you have simple pergolas, then you better opt for a simple shade option. These pergolas are mostly noted to have stretched out canvas canopies, which will offer the protection and shaded from any sudden drizzle.

  • These shades are noted to be light in weight.
  • They are great for complementing contemporary or modern pergola structures.
  • These shades will match perfectly with the pergolas having clean lines and without any lattice top.

Motor based retractable pergola shades

It is not always that you need shade on top of your head. Sometimes, you want that light breeze to flow and the shade on top will create an obstacle. So, for that, it is always important to aim towards the retractable shade covers for pergolas.

  • They will often roll out rather smoothly for that total sun protection and even for safeguarding you from rain.
  • Or, if the need arises, you can retract them and let the warm sun rays hit you straight.
  • In case you want little bit of shade then you can stop the cover halfway across. It will create perfect light and shade!

Customizable fabric pergola shades

Now, this is the kind of shade that can be designed as per your needs and requirements.

  • There are innumerable companies who provide these types of custom-made shades for pergolas.
  • The fabrics used in these shades are mostly water resistant and fade resistant.
  • The best part is that you can get these shades in any color and design of your choice.

So, these were the 5 most popular types of pergola shade covers. We suggest that you go through each of them and then make a wise decision for yourself. With the right pergola shade cover in place, you surely will not be disappointed with your decision. In fact, once you buy it and set it up, you will feel as if you have made the right choice! So, check out all the possible options and then aim for the right cover ideas. It might take some time to choose, but worth the wait.

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