Varun Duggirala and Suchita Salwan come together to host their newly launched podcast Think Fast. The multifaceted and enterprising hosts will offer their hot takes on a multitude of subjects under the wide umbrella of business, startups, the creator economy, media, marketing and more

In an exciting new development, content creator, entrepreneur and podcast host, all rolled in one – Varun Duggirala has joined hands with Suchita Salwan, Co-founder & CEO of Little Black Book (LBB), to launch a brand new podcast, ‘Think Fast.’

As the podcast listening sensation is taking the media culture by storm, sweeping across the nation at large, it is not all hype – but instead, a trend that is here to stay. Leveraging this fast-rising trend, Varun and Suchita’s newly launched podcast “Think Fast” will be a no holds barred deep dive into the latest trends in the world of business, media, start-ups,the creator economy, marketing and beyond.

The weekly podcast will discuss and dissect everything that will help their listeners think fast and stay up to date and relevant in today’s fast moving business environment. . As hosts, Varun and Suchita will be digging in and sifting through a clutter of information to paint a broader picture for their listeners while unpacking compelling stories that will affect not just the business landscape but careers at large moving ahead.. Through Think Fast, they will offer their hot takes on anything and everything revolving around the broad scope of business, startups, the creator economy and beyond. All in all, they will take a deep dive into everything one needs to keep themselves updated with – all that is bubbling and brewing in the world’s melting pots – to serve with a dash of humour.

Talking about the launch of the new podcast, Varun Duggirala & Suchita Salwan said, “The world of business, startups, the creator economy and everything around it has so much happening all the time that it’s hard to keep up. Think fast is our way of making sure everyone is in the know of everything happening in the space while ensuring they have fun in the process as well. Business content has never been this fun”

From the Metaverse, IPO season for unicorns,  creators becoming investors and “shark tank” india, Think Fast will cover a repertoire of the myriad developments and disruptions sparking chatter amongst the people across borders. Furthermore, the hosts’ playful banter will not only immerse listeners into a fun, intimate kind of storytelling but also encourage them to think fast and think smarter.

With the industry, the market and the environment at large witnessing rapid changes, keeping oneself abreast with the latest trends can help one stay ahead of the curve as well as stay relevant – especially as a content creator or an entrepreneur. To think fast and stay up-to-date with what is trending in the world, tune in to Think Fast on the IVM podcast network, Spotify, Gaana, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts and all other podcast platforms starting on 29th November, every Monday.

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