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China, De facto Beneficiary As Taliban Poised To Return – Eyes...

With the USA calling it 'quits' and the Taliban poise to Return to Power, China becomes the de facto beneficiary. Eyes heavy investment in Afghanistan development. Read on

Clamour For Further Investigations Into The Origin Of COVID-19 Grows Louder!

Despite 18 months and the pandemic striking in waves, we are still groping in dark as there is no clarity to say conclusively if Covid-19 occurred naturally or was caused by a laboratory leak

Geostrategic Nepal’s Bigger Dilemma – The US ‘Millennium Challenge Corporation’

The extremely geostrategic state of Nepal is in a conundrum over whether to respect the previous government's agreement to accept a $500 million "grant" from the US' "Millennium Challenge Corporation" despite concerns that it could permanently undermine the country's sovereignty, but backing out of the deal several years after it was first made and especially in the context of American-backed India's Hybrid War on Nepal would put a bullseye on its back for years to come.