How often do you remember having finished your entire water that you carried as a child to school. Remember your Mom or Dad emptying the water bottle every day before filling in fresh water for us to carry to school.

A recent study highlighted what is brought out above that most students in schools barely drink enough water even though they carry water bottles. This results in an increased number of health-related issues that has worried the parent community and the schools alike. Due to not consuming adequate amounts of water, children often feel dehydrated, are susceptible to urinary track infections and suffer from get headaches frequently.

Recommended Daily Water Intake For Kids

Children Aged 5-8 years:  5 glasses* of water each day or 40 ounces
Ages 9-12 years: 7 glasses of water daily or at least 56 ounces
Ages 13+ years: 8 to 10 glasses of water or at least 80 ounces
*1 glass of water holds approx 8oz/ea

Advantages Of Drinking Enough Water

  • Water keeps you awake, fit and concentrated.
  • Water helps prevent headaches as it keeps you hydrated through-out the day
  • Water is good for whole body. Drinking enough boosts metabolism and helps body to properly breakdown food.
  • Water helps save calories. Water has no calories, fat, carbohydrates or sugar – in comparison with the often very sugary soft drinks.
  • Water helps kids suffering with Asthama and Allergies.
  • Water helps save money.
  • Water reduces fatigue and helps kids learn.

How To Stay In Touch With Your Friends If Your School Is Closed

Thakur International School – Cambridge took the first plunge to adopt the healthy practice of ‘Water Bell Initiative’ in their school. An initiative like this is certainly set to be an example for other schools. It  will ensure that students drink enough water all day to avoid dehydration and other related health issues.

Schools should always be proactive when it comes to the health and overall well being of students. Thakur International School – Cambridge (TISC) takes pride in being an example of this very concept as immediate action was taken when they first heard about the ‘Water Bell Initiative’. It was initially implemented at Indrapratha Vidyalaya located in Uppinangady, near Mangaluru.

How ‘Water Bell Initiative’ works?

A special bell rings thrice a day at intervals (9 am, 11 am and 2 pm), indicating that all students should drink water when they hear the bell to stay hydrated and practice turning it into a good habit. TISC implemented this practice wef Monday, 2nd December 2019.

Speaking about the initiative, Shunila Joy Chauhan, Principal, TISC said, “It is a great campaign and I am glad we are the first school to adopt and put it immediately into action as it involves the overall health and wellbeing of our students at large.”

The importance of drinking water has now taken precedence in most schools and such initiatives are always appreciated by parents, as they are constantly worried about their child’s health. A parent of one of the students at school said,” It is such a relief to know that my child studies in a school that are not only ensuring a good academic culture but also an overall concern for health which we as parents tend to worry about.”

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