Looking for the best in the business for event planning and inspiration? You’re in the best location to find renowned event planning businesses and organizations. Just like EasyBet Casino, every year these well-known event planners raise the bar. Additionally, their deftly stage-stealing performances leave a mark on the audience. Look below for suggestions you can use for your upcoming event.

Despite the pandemic the popularity of the event management business has increased a lot. Planning an event has gotten considerably harder in light of social conventions that encourage distance. An independent host might be able to make the necessary arrangements for these event components, but an event management business handles it in a way that wows the crowd and makes the host pleased on their special day.

A professional event management firm can ensure unforgettable hassle-free events for you and your guests thanks to its in-depth expertise, experience, and grasp of what is necessary. These full services are now offered by many event management organisations, from the very beginning of the event to its ultimate finish. You must choose an appropriate and trustworthy event management firm based on your needs. The top 10 event management businesses in the globe, which are gaining popularity with their show-stealing events every year, are mentioned in this blog.

Top 10 Event Planning Companies

1. Bassett Event:

  • Location of the company: Toronto, Canada
  • The events they plan: Charitable events, Social events, weddings
  • They offer: Complete event planning and production, vendor contract negotiating, staffing, sponsor and media management, video production, and much more
  • Previous clients: The World Wildlife Fund, Fours Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Toronto Zoo, Jeremy Piven, Carrie Underwood, John Legend, and many more
  • Where and abouts: Bassett Events is the only company you need to contact if you’re organising high-profile private parties, philanthropic events, or an extravagant wedding. The small group, lead by Jennifer Bassett, is skilled at adding a sense of surprise to even the most formal of occasions.

2. MKG:

  • Location of the company: New York City and Los Angeles
  • The events they plan: Immersive “Brand experience”
  • They offer: Insight research, experiential strategy, creative campaign development, exhibit and environment design, event production and more
  • Previous clients: BarkBox, ShopBop, Google, Audi, Delta Air Lines, and other big-name brands
  • Where and abouts: When major brands want to produce amazing product debuts, Instagram-worthy settings, and unforgettable “brand experiences,” they come to MKG. This organisation doesn’t create typical events. On their website, you can find life-size art installations, adult-sized ball pits, and hot-dog seesaws.

3. Colin Cowie:

  • Location of the company: New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas
  • The events they plan: Private and corporate events, weddings
  • They offer: Venue sourcing, event design, event floral and decor, event coordination, guest list management, social media, and more
  • Previous clients: Oprah, Jennifer Aniston, Elton John, Kim Kardashian, American Express, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Hard Rock Hotels and more
  • Where and abouts: You may be familiar with Colin Cowie as a writer of books, a fashion designer, and a TV personality. Colin Cowie rose to fame by organising opulent, private parties. Although he also works on big openings and non-profit events, his most well-known work is organising lavish weddings for famous couples.

4. David Tutera:

  • Location of the company: Los Angeles
  • The events they plan: Weddings and non-profit events
  • They offer: Event concept and design, decor, planning, production, vendor management etc.
  • Previous clients: The White House, The Alzheimer’s Association, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, Prince Charles, Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey and more
  • Where and abouts: David Tutera undoubtedly has experience organising a lavish wedding as a designer of wedding gowns and TV broadcaster. The team wants to provide experiences that inspire your most imaginative fantasies and bring your lofty ambitions to reality.

5. A Perfect Event:

  • Location of the company: Chicago
  • The events they plan: Weddings, galas, corporate events and birthday parties
  • They offer: Event management, florals, stationery, styling, favours, and more
  • Previous clients: The Chicago Cubs, Dom Perignon, Kendra Scott, Louis Vuitton, Oprah
  • Where and abouts: Debi Lilly has a long history in the events industry and uses creative event planning to help clients escape reality. The business also has a small event space called the DL Lounge in addition to producing and designing events. Serving famous clientele is something Debi is recognised for. Oprah’s live birthday celebration was probably her most well-known occasion.

6. Rafanelli Events:

  • Location of the company: New York City, Palm Beach
  • The events they plan: Weddings, non-profit gala events, private events, and corporate events.
  • They offer: End-to-end event planning, plus branding and consulting
  • Previous clients: Allison Williams, Chelsea Clinton, Matt Damon, Barack & Michell Obama
  • Where and abouts: One of the top celeb wedding planners, Bryan Rafanelli is most known for orchestrating Chelsea Clinton’s 2010 top-secret wedding. He also serves as the company’s founder, president, and chief operating officer. His business organises over 100 events annually, paying close attention to every detail and providing his high-profile clientele with piece of mind. To “attempt to tell a story,” in his own words, is the objective.

7. Oren Co:

  • Location of the company: New York City, Los Angeles
  • The events they plan: Weddings and private celebrity events
  • They offer: Full-service event planning, design, and management
  • Previous clients: Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman, Adam Levine, Jason Bateman, and more
  • Where and abouts: Contact Yifat Oren and the Oren Co. staff for opulent experiences and cutting-edge events. This group is well regarded as one of the top tastemakers at A-list events. They’ve established the bar for especially discreet gatherings; in fact, clients employ Oren Co. to stay out of the spotlight.

8. Wonderland:

  • Location of the company: New York City and Miami
  • The events they plan: Brand forward experiences
  • They offer: Brand strategy, event design & event production, experiential marketing, social media, and more
  • Previous clients: ASOS, Topshop, Ariana Grande, Haagen-Dazs
  • Where and abouts: Events by Wonderland offer a more positive, contemporary, and youthful vibe than some other established companies. Wonderland is a “creative-led experiential” event firm with over 15 years of experience working with luxury, travel, retail, technology, and other brand verticals.

9. Eventive:

  • Location of the company: New York City
  • The events they plan: Product launches, brand experience
  • They offer: Branding, marketing & event production
  • Previous clients: Purina, Kellogg’s, Rihanna, Welch’s, NFL
  • Where and abouts: Eventive specializes in brand management and uses events to bring brands to life. For their corporate clients, the team pays particular attention to pushing boundaries. While providing an amazing event experience, Eventive’s inventiveness reflects the company’s objective.

10. Royal DSM:

  • Location of the company: Netherlands
  • The events they plan: Product launches, exhibitions, corporate meetings
  • They offer: Eight startup brands were invited to participate in a pitchfest for investors as part of their Connecting Bright Innovations 2017, which resulted in numerous fruitful collaborations between innovative businesses
  • Previous clients and abouts: The top event planners are aware that getting people together for networking purposes, business collaboration chances, and everything in between, is the key to a successful event. Find ways to spotlight the business titans with whom you already have connections, as Royal DSM did with its experienced panellists, and pair them with deserving up-and-comers.


All the above mentioned event companies are tried and tested by various clients. These event management companies offer endless deals and are trustworthy. Hope this article will help you in choosing the best event management company for yourself.

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