Addressing a huge gathering in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Gujarat, Smt. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra appealed: “Your vote is your weapon. Make the right decision, ask the right questions.” In a short speech which marked her debut election speech, the newly appointed Congress general secretary targeted PM Modi without once taking his name.

Harping the importance of the April-May 2019 national elections, Priyanka drew parallels with the Independence movement of India.

“Think and decide – those who talk big in front of you, where are the jobs they promised? What about the Rs. 15 lakh in every bank account that they talked about? What about women’s safety?” she pointed at the rally in Ahmedabad,

The venue in Gandhinagar had set out giant cut-outs of the former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, reminded many in the crowds of her striking resemblance to her Grandmother.

“Those who talk about fitrat (nature), the fitrat of this country is to seek the truth, the fitrat of this nation is to blow away the winds of hate with love,” pointed the 47-year-old, using a word that PM Modi had used quite recently.

At an earlier rally, also in Ahmedabad, the PM  had said: “Chun chun ke hisab lena mera fitrat hai. (It is my nature to avenge every wrongdoing)” The words were directed at Pakistan, days after India sent its fighter jets to bomb a terror camp in Balakot across the border.

Priyanka Gandhi said, in the next two months “they” will raise all kinds of issues. “Ask the right questions, this is your country. You have to guard the country,”

“This is nothing less than the independence movement. Our institutions are being attacked, hatred is being spread everywhere. There can be no bigger thing than guarding the country and moving ahead together.”

This was Priyanka Gandhi’s first-ever political rally outside the Gandhi family borough  in Uttar Pradesh and her debut in the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting earlier today. Mrs. Vadra had campaigned only in Amethi and Raebareli in UP, this was her first election outing.

“This nation is based on love and brotherhood. It is sad at what is happening in the country these days. There is no bigger patriotism than awareness. Your awareness is a weapon; your vote is a weapon. It is a weapon that will not hurt or harm anyone. It is a weapon that will strengthen you,” she added.

Priyanka Gandhi was the star speaker at the rally; the moment she stopped, many started leaving the rally. The game has just begun and it needs to be seen if this STAR will bring about a change in fortune of the Congress Party! Election 2019 is Game on!

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  1. Priyanka Gandhi certainly has all the traits to lead the country away from these destabilising forces of Evil that currently rule India. My vote for the Nation, for Priyanka.


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