When it comes to securing a business, there are many different options available. Starting with basic locks and keys to more sophisticated electronic systems. So, what should you look for in an access control system?

Without a doubt, if you’re looking for an access control system that will give you peace of mind, a traditional lock and key system may not be the best option.

Access control systems control entry and exit into your building, various rooms, and other locations within the property.

In that case, what should you be looking for when choosing access control solutions? Here are some tips to help you make the best decision for your needs.

Features To Look For In An Access Control System

Access control systems maintain a few core aspects necessary for a facility’s efficient operation while also enhancing safety and security. Here are some features to consider when choosing an access control system.

Consider Your Security Needs

The first thing to consider when choosing your ideal physical access control system is to analyze your property. You must consider how many openings need access control and the authorization levels needed.

You need to assess what type of access you want to grant, and how much of it you want to give.

If you are using it for public access, you’ll want to be sure you’re considering how you can secure the area and what limitations you’ll need.

You need to define which doors can be opened by all and those that require a high level of authorization.

Get The Right Locks

At the same time, you’ll need to consider what type of locks are already in place. If they are electronic, they may interface into the access system. If this works for you, it will cut significantly on the budget.

However, if the locks are mechanical, you will need to swap them for electronic ones for the access control system to work.

Stand Alone Or Network Connected

You also need to consider whether you need standalone physical access control or networked units.

A standalone access control unit links directly to the door without needing a network connection.

On the other hand, network connections, also known as integrated electronic access control systems, are all interlinked to a central control system. Consequently, these access systems can communicate with other systems on the premises.

The latter tends to be a bit pricier than the former, making the standalone kits ideal for small start-ups.

What Type Of Readers Is Ideal For Your  Institution

In a previous post, we looked at common types of readers available for use with access control systems. Depending on the number of people who need authorization, you have various choices.

For areas of high-security levels, you use biometric readers or 2-step authentication systems.

To areas many employees have access to, you may go for card readers or keypad readers.

At the same time, you may go for systems that have smartphone apps. In recent times, smartwatches are also used for the access key.

How To Power The Access Control System

Notably, there are wired and wireless access control systems for power or the internet. However, wired systems may be slightly more expensive compared to wireless ones.

On the other hand, wireless systems are cost-effective and easy to install.

Yet another choice is to connect the reader with Power over Ethernet (PoE), which only requires minimal wiring.

With a PoE deployment, this single wire serves as both the devices’ data and power supply. It is powered at a lower voltage than ordinary current.

Ease of Updating Access Protocols

There are various situations where changing your access control protocols is necessary. It is crucial to update employees’ access credentials when they switch departments, get promoted, or leave the organization.

Additionally, a firm’s operations might alter, necessitating a modification in access restrictions.

To keep the facility working as it should, you need to feed any changes immediately into the control system. Therefore, your access control should be easy to update and upgrade.


Without a doubt, you can’t just wake up and decide to install an access control system blindly.

There is a need to consider how well the system can be of help to your organization.

In case you need professional help, it is always good toask the experts.

Above the cost factors, you need to consider the authorization levels your organization’s employees need.

Organizations have more alternatives now to choose from for an access system that fits their needs and budget. To pick the best access control system for your institution, take an honest look at both your needs and the budget.

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