First of all, congratulations for having your own business or at-least being associated with a potential business, which thinks about benefits! Well, benefits to a business could come from sales’ end, marketing end or anywhere. But, have you ever wondered, how your payroll system can benefit your business? Not really. Right?

Payroll software is not just about providing salaries to employees on time. Neither tracking worked hours. A cloud-based payroll system also keeps any legal claims and false compliance at bay. It ensures company’s reputation do not degrade due to such small errors, which rather could be avoided with a simple decision. decision to integrate a reliable payroll system at your management.

So, chewing over a cloud-based payroll software? Let me tell you one thing, you are not alone. In fact – by 2018 itself, 91 percent of the companies went cloud. Adoption of cloud or indirect use of cloud computing is rising with every passing day.

Let’s now come to the point. Below I have come up with some best ways your business (in fact every business) could benefit with an intuitive cloud-based payroll system:

 1  Payroll for better employee experience

The payroll process can alone make your employees think about their value in company and your work style. A payroll not only provides the salary credited information, but also lets them know PF account information, compensation, Ptax, and other benefits. There are so many parameters to be put into salary slip. A cloud-based payroll software i.e. a centralized payroll system brings all these factors under one roof. This ensures no necessary factor is missed out.

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Timely and accurate payroll with an informative salary slip contributes in better employee experience and builds trust.

 2  Transparency at payroll

Transparency is the strongest tool to ensure trust and better relations. Transparency at payroll ensures better in-house customer relations with the management. The deductions, additions and contributing factors to the final payment must be delivered to the employee as well. Calculations when informed to employees, can ensure better employee engagement.

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An efficient system like cloud-based payroll system helps you in this. The self-service provided along with the system ensures transparency at payroll. Employees can now have access to all that critical information anytime from anywhere.

 3  Data-security

The name ‘cloud-based payroll’ itself suggests its primest advantage. Data security! After you integrate your current system with a cloud-based system, be it a payroll software or any other, data-loss is no more an excuse. Now you no more need to wander about files or documents al the time. You no more need to worry about backing up data and important files. Cloud payroll software takes them all.

24/7 security monitoring, data encryption and data handling are some more advantages of cloud hosting.

 4  Customizable system

A much-needed feature in a payroll system. Efficient payroll system provides liberty to customize functions of the software anywhere in the middle of month, without affecting monthly payroll. At times, it happens, employees join on odd days like 12th, 21st and so on. During such instances, HR needs to customize some parameters according to particular joinee.

So that there remains no room for error in payroll, a dedicated and customizable payroll software is a must.

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 5  Cloud-reporting

The cloud payroll system does not only assist you in better payroll for employees but also helps your employees download payslips and reports on the go. Internal stakeholders can hold edit or upload any report or document through their mobile phone. Also, generating tax forms is now easier. Some well-tailored cloud-based system can generate income reports on demand.

It saves everyone’s time and efforts. Keeps the person compliant.

Long? Short…

Payroll department of companies now need to be more serious about retaining workforce and functioning better with better means. A payroll software has lot more capabilities than just pushing salaries into accounts. So, waste no more time and get one installed asap.

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