Are you thinking about swapping some coins? The choice of a reliable and safe crypto online exchange is the most crucial thing in such a case. Safety is the top priority because if your funds are not secure, the best rates, conditions, or whatever else simply do not matter.

So, we have selected the best exchanges that are distinguished not only by their convenient conditions but also by their top safety level.

Let’s Exchange

It is one of the safest XMR to BTC exchange options. On the platform, you can swap around 300 coins, so, even if you are looking for the rarest ones, LetsExchange, most likely, supports them.

Along with top safety, the platform offers the following benefits to its users:

  • The best rates: our SmartRate technology searches for the best deals on the available exchanges and picks the most comfortable option for you.
  • Validated coins: your transaction will be processed in any case.
  • No liquidity issues: the deal will be arranged on an exchange that has the needed capacity.
  • User-friendly interface: everything is very easy to use even for beginners.
  • Easy swaps: you follow the simple instructions to complete a swap.

The only drawback we have found is the absence of a wallet. So, to use the exchange, you need to have your own wallet and have to know how it works.


Even though Finance has had significant security issues in the past (it was one of the major exchanges that were hacked), now, it is for sure one of the top exchanges in the world. 

Binance is one of those platforms that have their own token. In this case, we are talking about the Binance Coin or BNB. The coin allows getting discounts and other perks in the exchange network.

  • User-friendly interface: even a complete beginner can use it. 
  • Fast exchanges: this is one of the major exchanges, so, there are no issues with liquidity. As a result, there are no delays with transactions.
  • Wallet: you can open it directly on the platform.
  • Non-custodial services: the exchange keeps your private keys, not you.
  • There are some complaints about the customer support.
  • If you don’t use BNB, the fees might become high.


Kraken is one more leading exchange platform. Along with buying and selling cryptocurrency, the platform offers many other trading opportunities such as margin trading, and similar.

Here, the benefits are as follows
  • Top safety level: Kraken is known as one of the safest platforms.
  • Reasonable fees.
  • A variety of trading options.
  • This platform isn`t for beginners but rather for experienced traders.
  • Slow funding of the account.
  • The customer support isn’t the best.

Bottom Line

Now, you know the leaders. If you still prefer to check other options, make sure the platform is safe. This is the top priority. Then, make sure the needed cryptocurrency pair is supported, and the fees are not excessive. Only after it, you can entrust your funds to a selected platform.

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