Media reports indicated that sex workers and escort services were fully booked before the global elite congregated in Davos for the World Economic Forum (WEF) – January 16-20. WEF 2023 was to address the energy and food crisis, inflation, debt economy, industry headwinds for harnessing frontier technologies, social vulnerabilities, and geopolitical risks in a multi-polar world. But instead, Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, pleaded at the meeting that deliveries of military equipment to Ukraine should be stepped up as “weapons are the way to peace” (sic).

Norwegian Stoltenberg was clearly prostituting America’s geopolitical agenda knowing fully that the US  created NATO to subjugate Europe to American imperialism and expand American influence despite the European public wanting peace and end in the US-NATO proxy war in Ukraine; as described by Irish MEP Mick Wallace who called on European politicians to represent the interests of the people, not NATO and the military-industrial complex.

Stoltenberg is obviously looking for another extension as secretary-general. Notably, Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Friedland who is being considered as Stoltenberg’s replacement admitted, “We in the West need to understand that we are not doing Ukraine a favour at all, as they say. By supplying Ukraine with weapons and money to win the war, we are acting in our own interests.”  

Ironically, European politicians have no compunctions of displaying willingness to prostitute themselves to the worst instincts of the electorate, even though Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy retains the top slot in prostituting for America by providing Ukrainian blood and devastating his own country for Washington’s cause. This comedian installed in Kiev by the US continues crying on the global stage, even Oscars and recently at the Golden Globe awards ceremony.

American author Caitlin Johnstone has called Zelensky’s PR in the USA a shame, which he did to raise his ratings. Croatian President Zoran Milanovic questions the US-NATO proxy war in Ukraine, saying, “Sanctions can’t be a plan, it’s stupid and we won’t get anywhere. They are used from war to war. And who are we supposed to be – slaves of America?”

The US is experiencing repugnant political stagnation. The Joe Biden regime wants to bar Donald Trump from contesting the 2024 presidential election accusing him of engineering the attack on Capitol Hill. But just as Biden was euphoric over his best ever approval ratings of 43 percent (up from 23 percent since the rout from Afghanistan), three finds of classified documents have been found in his premises, Hunter Biden’s shady deals are again in the spotlight and the Republicans have initiated a probe into America’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan under Biden. The US had left behind $92 billion worth of weapons and equipment in Afghanistan.

German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht had to resign following disclosures that Germany was giving priority to arming Ukraine over equippingGermany’s notoriously ill-equipped armed forces. The German government is facing renewed calls to send German-built Leopard 2 tanks or at least approve their delivery from countries like Poland which are willing to do so. But German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck said recently that his country would not stand in the way of other nations that wanted to send Leopards. Now neo-Nazi Chancellor Olaf Scholz says Germany will do so if approved (read ordered) by the US.

The US and the UK have announced they would send Bradley armoured vehicles and Challenger battle tanks respectively to Ukraine. On the question of supplying Abrams tanks to Ukraine, the US will need to organize extensive training of Ukrainian troops to operate these – same as for the Patriot missile systems. Ukraine is facing shortages of ammunition and US-NATO have to collect ammunition from countries like Pakistan. Even US ammunition held in Israel is being transferred to Ukraine.

Biden has signed a memorandum on the allocation of a new military assistance package to Ukraine worth up to $ 2.5 billion. Among many items, the list includes 59 x Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, 90 x Stryker armored vehicles,8 x t Avenger air defense systems, HIMARS MLRS, HARM anti-radar missiles, 53 armored vehicle, 350 x Humvee armored multi-purpose off-road vehicles and a number of other types of military equipment.

John Parker, Socialist Unity Party candidate for US Senate in California on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket, who made a fact finding trip to the Donbas region of Ukraine has rubbished the CNN claim that Russia targeted civilians in Odessa. He writes that Russia attacked hotel Grande Pettine because foreign mercenaries were operating from it. Similarly, the shopping and entertainment centre Riviera was attacked because they were a warehouse of NATO weapons. Russia used high-precision missiles to avoid civilian casualties. Also, the so-called peacekeeper training ground in Yavoriv was hit because it was training international mercenaries. He quotes locals saying Westerner’s presence in Ukraine and want Russian troops to remain to protect them.    

Interestingly, American economist Paul Craig Roberts warns that the US-NATO will lose combat capability if they fulfill the promised supplies to Ukraine and that Russia could then “simply cross the unarmed Baltics and Finland, through Germany to France, and from there to Serbia, cutting off and surrounding Eastern and Western Europe”, in which case the US will use the only remaining weapon – nuclear. Concurrently, US General Mark Milley estimates Russian casualties well over 1,00,000 but neither he nor Zelenskyy will talk of how many Ukrainian-US-NATO members-mercenaries have been killed in the war. Milley wants Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the war while US-NATO continues to pump weapons into Ukraine.

The danger of escalation in the Ukraine war is rising with the US wanting Ukraine to attack Crimea, Sevastopol being Russia’s only warm water port. Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation has said that Russia will speak to the West in the same language and promised Zircon missiles off the coast of NATO countries as a gift for the New Year.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said on January 12, “Democrats in Congress also don’t want you to have any idea where the $100 billion went that we’ve sent to Ukraine. So, we sent $100 billion to Ukraine and then Condi Rice, who is still talking about foreign policy in public amazingly, announces this weekend that Ukraine is losing. Ok, so where did the money go? Well, you can’t know that. It went to Zelenskyy and his wife. What did they do with it? This weekend, Joe Biden announced that we’re going to send still more billions to Ukraine this month.” 

The US hopes that Russia will be brought down on its knees begging for talks, which is unlikely. The second hope is that Putin could use tactical nukes which could enable US-NATO to bomb Russia – like the US bombed and nuked Japan; without realizing China will find it the best time to join Russia and take on US-NATO while North Korea also joins the fun. The third hope is that Putin gets assassinated or dies of cancer – if wishes could be horses.

Meanwhile, Zelenskyy is determined to continue till the last Ukrainian standing and European politicians are bent upon digging their own graves. So the game of geopolitical prostituting will continue.

The author is an Indian Army veteran. Views expressed are personal.

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