While it seems that the govt doesn’t have a clear cut time schedule as to when the demonetisation situation will improve, the Opposition continued to demand a straight reply for the same. Stating that the crisis over demonetisation is getting more compounded with every passing day, CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury today accused the BJP of disrupting the Parliament as they don’t have proper answers about when the financial crisis will be over.

While damning reports on Demonetisation continuing pouring in from across the country with pics of people weeping going viral, the govt seemed to be at a loss to chart out a clear path for the angry public to cool down. Reports of RBI Governor being heckled at Calcutta Airport were also doing rounds.

“The crisis over demonetisation is getting more compounded with every passing day. The entire economy has been badly hit, first it was only small scale industries, now the big and medium scale industries are also getting hit. Both the government and the RBI should come clean on when this crisis will be over,” Yechury told reporters on the sidelines of a programme here.

“The RBI governor should clearly say as to when this replacement will be completely over. The people are suffering this can’t go on . This has to stop,” he said.

Yechury and the opposition accused the BJP of disrupting the parliament as they don’t have any proper answers.

“We had demanded that PM should take part in the discussion but he didn’t. It is BJP which is disrupting the Parliament as it don’t have any proper answers,” he said.

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