United States under Trump, continues to impose stringent rules regarding visas and immigration so that only the quality is admitted into the country. Simultaneously, with more and more Indians making a beeline heading out of India in the past few years, Canada is one of the obvious choices.

Canada Is Welcoming

Moreover, Canada has continued to favour immigrants.  50 percent of Indians who migrated are now applying for Canadian Citizenship, after living for a specific period and obtaining PR.
As per the data of January to October 2018, 15,000 Indians obtained citizenship. The Philippines, was at the top at 15,600, to claim Citizenship. 1.39 lakh PRs opted for Canadian citizenship, from January to October 2018. The share of Indians was 11%.

Relaxed Rules

Owing to the reduction in the time in Oct 2017, for which the PR had to be physically present, in the country, the qualifying norms to apply have become easy to get Canadian citizenship. Previously they had to stay for 4-years out of 6 years. Furthermore, now they need to be physically present only for 3 in five years. After obtaining the Citizenship, PR holders have more benefits like greater mobility and are also eligible to work for the government. Moreover, they get the right to vote.

H1 B Visa - Canada immigration
Image credits: TOI

Other Facts

A Canadian passport holder can also apply for a Trade National visa for entering and working in the USA. Moreover, there is no annual cap to it, and it is easy to obtain. India is presently a top source country, for many permanent residents. 51,000 Indians gained the admission as permanent residents in 2017.
As per IRCC, after the changes in the rules, it received 2.42 lakh citizenship applications, in the period between October 2017 and June 2018. In 2017, 51,651 Indians, representing 18% of the total, became PRs.


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