As a merchant, you must always look for ways to boost your sales. The online business industry has seen quite a spike since its inception. Therefore, with everyone trying their hands at eCommerce, it has become even more important to consider every aspect that can make you stand out in the crowd and place you on your customer’s favorites list.

Did you know that many online shoppers get to the checkout page only to abandon their carts in the end? Imagine if your business can cut that down even by a little; how much profit can you earn? A great way of doing this is placing an optimized pay now button on your website. 

In this blog, we will discuss everything from what a pay now button is to how you can increase your revenue with the help of the pay now button

What is a Pay Now Button?

A pay now button allows merchants to facilitate simple payment options for their customers. It is a clickable call-to-action button that fastens the payment-making process. A pay now button often works as a shortcut that takes shoppers straight to the checkout page

By placing it strategically, you can attract customers to buy your products and services without having to leave the page where they already are. This helps you encourage your customers to make impulse purchases. 

Customers want their purchasing experience to be extremely quick and seamless. Therefore, let’s look at these points below to make the best use of your pay now button. 

Three Ways Pay Now Buttons Can Increase Revenue

1. Accelerated the Checkout Process

When it comes to your customers’ journey, it should be ensured that the process remains as seamless as possible. Since pay now, buttons help customers let go of the lengthy steps of purchasing. In fact, they can simply drive on through the payment process and skip all the unnecessary steps along the way. 

2. Avoid Account Creations

Account creation is a great way of collecting your customers’ information, like their phone number, email address, house address, location, etc. However, if you look at it from your customer’s perspective, these steps are simply a blockage in the way they proceed with their purchases. 

Not everyone who makes purchases at your store would want to create an account. Therefore, by having a buy now button, you can offer your buyers the ability to skip this step and simply purchase as a guest.  

3. Enhances User Experience

Pay now buttons can be used on various platforms like advertising campaigns, social media, websites, etc. This significantly improves the user experience because it gives their customers the flexibility to make the purchase remaining on the same site. And we all know that speed is the key element in all kinds of sales. 

For instance, an XYZ organization can upload its product catalogues on Instagram, and its customers can simply check out those products within the platform without the need to visit the website. Instead, they can add the product to the cart, fill out the necessary details like payment information, and they are good to go.  

Say Hello to a Powerful Razorpay Pay Now Button

By integrating the pay now buttons into your website, you can see a significant boost in profits. In addition, once installed, payment buttons will lead to stronger brand loyalty and customer relationships. If you are looking for a seamless pay now button for both retailers and customers and provides heightened security, then Razorpay is the answer to all your questions.

Business owners all around the country trust Razorpay and use their payment buttons to collect payments for multiple products with a single, easy-to-use pay-now button on their website. Now, collect donations, online payments, fees, and much more with the Razorpay payment button in less than 5 minutes.

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