Coproduction was one of the main requests from Indian filmmakers at the FILM BAZAAR 2023 film market, in which Russian companies and film commissions took part. Distributors and international film festivals were also interested in Russian films. A third focus of interest was the adaptation of Russian content.

In total, 1,250 representatives from 36 countries took part in the event. Russia was represented by 11 companies under the Russian Content Worldwide (RCW) brand and representatives of Russian film commissions at the “Filming Locations in Russia” stand. The participation of the Russian film industry was organized by ROSKINO with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Russian participants held more than 150 meetings with representatives of companies from India, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Belgium, France, and Australia. International representatives were interested not only in the purchase and distribution of Russian content, but there were also many requests from Indian producers for co-production. The surge of interest in joint film production was dictated, among other things, by a decision by the Indian government, announced on the first day of FILM BAZAAR, to significantly increase the filming incentives. The Indian government will compensate up to 40% of production costs, and international films are eligible for this program.

The Association of Women Film Producers, which was at FILM BAZAAR for the first time, is considering several projects for co-production and negotiations were held with several Indian companies.

The topic of co-production was also discussed by Pan-Atlantic Studio, whose main task at FILM BAZAAR was to find an Indian co-production partner for their new film Gems, which will be partially shot in India. Many Indian film companies have expressed interest in the project, and Pan-Atlantic Studio is already planning meetings to discuss the details of possible cooperation. The film will tell the story of a girl Martha, nicknamed Martykha-Maharaja, from a Khanty-Mansi orphanage, who loves Indian cinema and dreams of going to this fabulous country. The film will be directed by Tina Barkalaya, whose debut film Hoffmann’s Fairy Tales became part of the main competition program of IFFI, which was held in parallel with the film market. Indian audiences really liked the film, and the company is confident that it will be widely shown in India.

Film Producers

KIT Film Studio presented a joint Russian-Indian documentary film Low Tide and two full-length film adaptation projects in development. The main focus of negotiations with Indian partners was also the possibility of co-production.

Representatives of international film festivals were interested in Russian content. As a result of negotiations, the sports drama Start Over by Dream film company will be presented in the Main Competition of the Ajanta-Ellora International Film Festival, which will be held from January 3 to 7, 2024 in Aurangabad, India. Festival selectors were also interested in the projects of the Association of Women Film Producers which presented four new dramas The Liar, The Light, Kretsul, and Truth.

FILM BAZAAR 2023 was successful for Art Pictures Distribution. The company held meetings with distributors, large OTT platforms, and content producers from India, South Korea, and Taiwan. The company’s new full-length film, scheduled for release in 2024, Red Silk, the TV series The Librarian and Pilgrim aroused interest.

Bubble Studios’ new Major Grom film, Major Grom: The Game, has attracted the attention of many Indian companies as the action-adventure genre is very popular in India.

IGMAR company held negotiations at the film market on the possibility of the local adaptation of the company’s projects; IGMAR has already been successful in such cooperation with China. Representatives said that although India has well-established cinema preferences and a clearly defined cross-section of genres is popular, the professional community is always looking for fresh ideas. IGMAR also noted the productivity of meetings with representatives of Indian film festivals.

Projects from Media Telecom were popular with international buyers from India, South Korea, and France. The company presented the series Die Gracefully and Art and Fact, the feature films Gardes-Marines 1787. Peace and Gardes-Marines 1787. War and others.

Planeta Inform Film Distribution discussed the possibilities of content distribution in India and South Korea with representatives of distribution companies and VOD platforms. Agreements were reached to continue negotiations on Centaur, Anna’s Feelings, Telekinesis, Lost in the North, The Hunter, and The Elephant.

The Russian animation industry was represented at FILM BAZAAR by Voronezh Animation Studio (The Snow Queen and the Princess, Arctic Heroes, etc.) and Riki Group (Beardy Bodo, The Fixies, etc.). They noted that specialists from the Indian animation industry were interested in the opportunity to collaborate with Russian animation companies. Voronezh Studio also discussed collaboration with Indian VFX studios. Content buyers from South Korea also showed interest in the projects of Russian animation producers.

ROSKINO also organized a “Filming Locations in Russia” stand as part of the film market, where opportunities for filming in various Russian regions were presented (representatives from St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, and Khabarovsk worked at the stand). The stand attracted the attention of Indian producers and filmmakers, some of whom already have experience filming in Russia, and are now looking for new filming locations in different Russian cities. Among the questions that interested filmmakers were how developed the regional rebate system is, what other government support measures exist for filming in Russia, and the possibilities of co-production.

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