Manorama Infosolutions Pvt Ltd (MIPL) has emerged as a pioneer in the healthcare IT products and service industry in its close to 19 years of existence. The company will continue its focus on new growth drivers, which include Public Health, Smart City, Pandemic Management, Country Automation and Telehealth. “We realised that digitisation is taking faster adoption in the healthcare space and Smart Cities, Public and Population Health are our key focus areas. We have been awarded major Public Health projects in some of the international countries” says AshviniDanigond, Founder and CEO, MIPL.

MIPL’s initiatives to use technology have paved a new way for future healthcare needs by incorporating smart technologies and tools such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and analytics into their solutions. AI and ML along with other cutting-edge technologies and digital solutions provide MIPL an opportunity to solve the toughest problem the world is facing today. In all these years, among the various technology innovations that MIPL has actively deployed include artificial intelligence (AI) agents for electronic medical records (EMRs), Blockchain for data security and applications, including personal health record (PHR), and bespoke healthcare Internet of Things (IoTs).

MIPL provides healthcare digital solutions for Country Automation projects and Public Health projects integrating public as well as private hospitals, providing data-driven decision-making and forward planning to optimize workflows and contain costs.

As part of the Smart City projects, plans are afoot to include newer cities and work in progress on those lines. “We plan to expand our presence with solutions solving problems in the Public Healthcare, building national digital healthcare platforms in India and emerging markets,” said Ms Danigond.

The Lifeline Smart City Suite of Solutions has expanded to international markets as well. The company is in the process of integration and implementation for International Smart City projects in East Africa and SAARC nations.

MIPL is of the view that there is an urgent need to activate and set up regional 24×7 Telemedicine clinics at Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities as a focused line for alternate ways of assessment of a patient who does not require critical attention. “This will help reduce the burden on healthcare facilities,” she said. MIPL’s Lifeline Telemedicine Suite provides a single platform for real-time integrated clinical workflows with audio-video capability. This solution also incorporates virtual qualitative and quantitative patient interactions via the operational and business workflows.

Similarly, Manorama’s Lifeline Communicable Disease Management Solutions has helped city health authorities through the lockdowns facilitating the screening and management of Covid-19 and enabling patients to remotely connect with doctors and have their diagnosis done.

In all these years, MIPL has scripted its success story that is underpinned by the core idea of ‘Made in India, for the world’—building solutions in the country and taking them globally. “We want to change the way healthcare is delivered to the last mile by using technology and innovation on various layers of healthcare ecosystems which exist in society around the world,” informs Danigond.

MIPL sees an AI-enabled digital healthcare future that is quite bright for delivering better healthcare and making affordable healthcare a reality.

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