What Is Guest Posting?

Guest posting simply means writing and publishing articles on websites or blog. Technically stated, Guest Posting is a simple strategy in digital marketing parlance of posting articles and blog content on websites other than owned by yourself.

This extends your reach with a written post on another blog. Since outsourcing content is a norm, this is a great way to establish mutually beneficial relationships and build brand awareness.

While some sites post their guest writer contents for free, there are others in most categories which encourage writers to post at a nominal premium. There are still others like Forbes Incorporation which have guest posting as a regular activity / feature.

Those genuinely interested in some serious guest blogging, to take advantage of the innumerable opportunities that it offers, here is a list with ready links to help you get in touch and post directly without any intermediaries to fleece you with commissions and charges. To get listed in our lists, pls do get in touch.

Editor’s Advice:

“Many businesses and marketers have an impression that a low DA / DR score is reflective of a “toxic link.”

This is an absolute Myth. 

Domain Authority (DA) and Domain Rating (DR) measures link popularity of a website. It doesn’t reveal if a website is indulging in spams or if a linkback from it will hurt you. Google’s “PageRank” works on a page by page basis. Implies that you can get a link from a strong page on a weak domain, and vice-versa.


Pursuing links from high DA / DR sites is generally advised because they generally have many powerful pages with high page authority (PA). But many low DA / DR sites will grow in popularity and reach a higher DA / DR, so your link may become more valuable over time.

The fact remains? Don’t shy away from publishing guest articles on legit-looking low-DR blogs.” 


1. Blogging and Marketing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts
2. SEO Blogs And Websites That Accept Guest Posts
3. Business Sites & Blogs That Accept Guest Posts
4. Finance Blogs That Accept Guest Posts
5. Tech Blogs That Accept Guest Posts
6. Advantages of Guest Blogging

Blogging & Marketing Category Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Website / Blog Link For Guest Post / Contact
InfoBeat Contribute Guest Post here
N4M News Network Contact for Guest Post
Myventurepad Submit Guest Post
Postling  Contact for Guest Post
Jcount  Contact for Guest Pos
Bloggerspath Submit Guest Posting
Shubh Get In Touch
Meldium Submit Guest Blogging
Business2Community Write for them
Blogherald Contact for Guest posting
Bloggerstack Write for Them
KISSmetrics Write for them
Copyblogger Write for them
Falconhive Contact For Guest post
Daily Blog Tips Write for them
Blogging Tips Write for them
Blogsolute Write for them
ComLuv Write for them
Smart Bloggerz Write for them
Quick Online Tips Write for them
We Blog Better Write for them
Freelance Folder Contact
Blog Godown Write For Us – Contact
Blogsolute  Contact Us
Millionclues Contact for Guest Posting
Copyblogger Guest Post Guidelines
YoungPrePro Submit Guest Post
Blog Engage Guest Blog Here
Kikolani Guest Post Opportunities
Allbloggingtips Write For Us

SEO Blogs And Websites That Accept Guest Posts

Website / Blog Contact For Guest Post
Moz Submit Guest Post
Socialmediatoday Submit Guest Post
News4masses Submit Guest Post
Qiel Submit Guest Post
Search Engine Journal  Write for them
Search Engine People Write for them
Magnet 4 Marketing Write for them
Social Fresh Write for them
Jcount Contact for Guest Post
Searcheditors Guest Blogging
k2seo Write for them
DailySeoBlog Write for Them
Localseochecklists Write for them
SeoNick Submit for them 
SeoTechyWorld  Submit for Guest posting

Business Category Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Website / Blog Contact For Guest Post
N4M Contact for Guest Post
Myventurepad Submit Guest Post
InfoBeat Contact for Guest Post
Shubh Contact for Guest Post
W3J Write for them
Frugalentrepreneur Contact For Guest blogging
Jcount Contact for Guest Pos
Centrinity Submit Guest blog
KillerStartups Write for them
Locationary Write for them

Finance Category Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Website / Blog Link To Submit / Contact Pt
Gabbr Write for them
N4M Network Get in Touch
I Will Teach You To Be Rich Write for them
Five Cent Nickel Write for them
Modest Money Write for them
InfoBeat Contact for Guest Post
Investopedia Write for them
ComFree Blog Write for them
Investor Guide Write for them
Fat Wallet Write for them
Money Saving Mom Write for them
Wise Bread Write for them
Saving Advice Write for them
One Cent at a Time Write for them
Financial Highway Write for them
Financial Sense Write for them

Technology Websites And Blogs Accepting Guest Posts

Website / Blog Link To Submit Post / Contact
Tlists  Submit guest post
N4M Network Get in Touch
InfoBeat  Contact for Guest Post
TechGenra Contact for Guest Posting
TechMaish Write For Us
TechZoomIn Write For Us
Centrinity  Submit Guest blog
Craving Tech  Write for them
Slashdot Write for them
Web and Designers Write for them
Comptalks Write for them
Tech At Last Write for them
iTech Code Write for them
Tech Walls Write for them
The Kernel Write for them
Site Point Write for them
Readwrite  Write for them
Techsolu  Write for them
Tips Blogger Write for them
Buzz2fone  Submit guest post
Gigaom Write for them
Smashing Magazine Write for them
MobileTweaks Submit guest post
Techie Buzz Write for them
Techie Blogger Write for them
Jcount Contact for Guest Post
Digital Inspiration Write for them
Trouble Fixers Write for them
Devils’ Workshop Write for them
Calling All Geeks Write for them
Inspiration Feed Write for them
The Pragmatic Bookshelf Write for them

Advantages of Guest Blogging and Guest Posting

Thеrе are innumerable advantages our list of guest posting websites will provide you with. Overall, it hаѕ the potential tо grow your businesses and clientele. Thеrе аrе аlѕо category еxреrtѕ available tо provide уоu wіth hіgh ԛuаlіtу аnd аffоrdаblе services. These experts also help you even in writing content and getting it published thereby іnсrеаѕing trаffіс of your wеbѕіtе and footfalls in your stores. If you really wаnt to grow уоur client base, leads and business, then this is oneright way to do it.

  1. Increases Your Access & Reach To A Wider Audience
  2. Helps increase your network by making industry connections
  3. Get high quality content
  4. Get traffic to your site from publishing site loyalists and increase popularity.
  5. Keeps your Blog active


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