Mumbai: MissMalini today launched MissMaliniTrending – a Social Media News Desk at an upscale Juhu outlet. As per statement released by her, “The beloved blog’s first-ever news desk will feature digital influencers and experts in all their glory”.

The pioneer of Indian lifestyle blogging, MissMalini is a multi-media and multi-platform content portal with over 10 million unique monthly followers across platforms.

Malini Agarwal, Founder and Creative Director of MissMalini stated, “MissMalini is delighted to introduce MissMalini Trending. This platform will feature your favourite digital superstars. Today, everyone wants to know what they wear, whom they date, what they eat, etc. I think these creators have a huge impact on the millennials in our nation. They also face immense pressure to live up to their image. A lot of work goes into keeping up with the perfect image that they put forth on the internet. This platform recognizes their work and motivates them to keep flourishing on social media.”

In today’s world of social media, a digital influencer occupies the space of a Bollywood celebrity. Gaining popularity on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, they have managed to position themselves as leaders and role models of the internet generation. They have become an integral part of the modern youth culture in India and play a fundamental role in shaping their personalities.

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This initiative works as a dossier to provide a personal account of all the creators enlisted on the page. The platform acknowledges their work and highlights any new developments and expansions made by them in their respective fields.

Malini Agarwal launched her blog perched on a couch in 2008. Taking the digital world by storm, MissMalini’s on the list of leading entertainment portals in India.

MissMalini Entertainment supports emerging talent and uplifts fresh content creators. A productive digital space for new-comers, the company dedicates its efforts to guide up-coming influencers through their journey.

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An influencer herself, she has taken several initiatives including Malini’s Girl Tribe to transform social media into a better place. She promotes positivity and spreading joy by eliminating trolls and shaming.

Focusing efforts on building the women’s community, Miss Malini contributes to associations such as the Women Innovation Entrepreneurship Foundation (WIEF) and We the Women by attending events organized by them. Empowering women and making a difference has always been centric to the celebrity blogger.

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