Are you looking for something to do during your free time and earn from it? With so many money-making apps available, it’s easy to sign up and fill surveys or pick other simple tasks.

What’s more? You only need a smartphone to do this. If you have an outdated one, you can sell your phone online and purchase the most suitable one for the task.

Why do companies do surveys?

Surveys are an integral aspect of a company’s marketing strategy. They are a way of gathering opinions from customers, which are useful in decision making. Surveys enable firms to decide on the type of goods and services to launch in the market. Most companies use data collection companies to get individuals to fill, but the surveys for a cash bonus in return.

How do online surveys work?

Not all surveys are the same. Some require you to respond to questions while others need you to test the products. Surveys are usually on different commercial products, and these are, for example, electronics, beauty products, and many more. In most of the apps, you should create a profile to take the surveys.

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Which are the best apps offering online survey tasks?

There are many apps where you can sign up to take online surveys. You can access these apps using your smartphone, and this means that you can earn from anywhere. Examples of such apps are; Swagbucks, Cashpirate, iPoll, and many others. The below infographic is self explanatory and reveals it all.

Popular Money Making Apps – An Infographic, courtesy swifttechbuy

How can you avoid scams?

There’s much hype about making money online, which has resulted in many illegitimate survey sites and apps. It’s critical to look for popular apps. A great way of determining whether the app is legit is through membership fees. Legitimate apps don’t ask for such fees while signing up.

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Final thoughts

Sign up at a legitimate site and be sure to ascertain the legitimacy of the app. Moreover, go through the terms and conditions to avoid any problems. Some apps pay in cash, while others will appreciate you with shopping vouchers or gifts. Be sure to confirm this before filling out surveys.

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