UPSC Civil Services Exams 2019-20: Do’s and Don’ts

After the long preparation, the D Day is near and you are wondering how you should be preparing for the day of the exam. We have compiled a list of dos and don’ts to take you through the preparation required on the day before the exam and the day of the exam. So worry not and refer to our lists below.

The day before the exam:

Things to do:

  1. Keep all the important things ready: Admit Cards, ID Proof, Analog, Wristwatch, Black ball point pens with spares, etc. Keep the admit card printed and everything together in a ready to go bag. Make sure the photograph is clearly visible, otherwise valid photo ID card such as Aadhar card, PAN card, passport, driving license, etc. along with the e-Admit card
  2. Try to visit the centre beforehand so that you know the commute time, this will make you prepared for diversions and traffic conditions and what to expect. It will also relax you to know that you have already travelled the route before.
  3. Do a quick revision to all what have studied using extremely short notes. Don’t go into details and don’t try to learn new things.
  4. Relax and meditate as much as possible. Listen to soothing music, or do whatever relaxes you.
  5. Eat light and healthy meals and sleep well to be able to perform at your best the next morning.

What not to do:

  1. Do not engage in any difficult and new topics. Don’t try to learn new things. It will only undermine your confidence without adding to what you can recall during the exam.
  2. Don’t panic if you have not studied something. Focus on what you know and practice recalling that.
  3. Avoid eating unhealthy food or food / drink from an unknown sources that could potentially be hazardous to health. This is not the day to risk getting sick.
  4. Avoid asking your friends about their preparations. This is not the time to discuss.
  5. Do not try to remember all that you have learned the past one year, focus on what you remember.
  6. Avoid negative thoughts like, ‘what if I don’t clear the IAS prelims?’ Remember these thoughts can only worsen your result.

On the day of UPSC Civil Services Exams 2019:


  1. Arrive early, at least by 30 mins. It is better to be early than be late and be barred from entering the exam hall.
  2. Wear an analog watch, digital watches aren’t allowed. It is better to time yourself rather than depend on the invigilator for time.
  3. Carry notes for revising for CSAT Paper II since you will get a 3 hour break before the paper.
  4. First, solve all the questions you are sure about then consider the ones that seem tricky or difficult. Remember not to get stuck on questions that seem difficult as that will only be a waste of time and will drag down your confidence.
  5. Use Informed guessing and Elimination strategy for the questions you are unsure about. Do not answer questions that you have no clue about. Remember that there is negative marking too.
  6. Attempt at least 80 questions to be in the competition.


  1. Don’t carry any gadgets, mobile phones or digital watches, they won’t be allowed in the exam hall.
  2. Do not start answering questions right away, rather take a deep breath and read the entire paper first.
  3. Avoid questions that you have no idea about since negative marking will only hamper your chances.
  4. Mark your option on the question paper to help in rechecking the answers before submission
  5. Don’t panic. It can only make things worse. You will lose both time and your cool, which are very important to crack this exam.

All the very best to those appearing for exams. Author: Divyanshu Jangid


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