Buying a new smartphone can be overwhelming, thanks to the wide range of options available these days. With excellent releases from renowned brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google and budget phones from other brands always trying to grab your attention, it does get hard to pick one.

We often come across a good number of marketing phrases and jargons when we start looking for a smartphone. The beginner’s guide will help you pick the right smartphone without much hassle. Let’s get started!

The Camera

If you happen to be buying a new smartphone, especially for photography, you need to choose the handsets that have a good focus and a low light performance. You can find a good number of all-rounder phones that provide excellent performance while being in budget.

Never stick to the phones based on the megapixels the device has. Though the phones with dual-camera look fashionable, they do not always provide good images. Instead, one can always look for smartphones that provide good OIS, optical image stabilization, and come with features like Auto HDR and Phase Detection. Smartphones from Apple are known for their absolute excellent image quality.


You might be fascinated with the 4K screen an iPhone has, but it can at times be overkill. You need to pay a little attention to how bright and good the display is so that you can see the real outdoors. A good display makes the panel look colorful. One can choose from smartphones that make use of HDR or high dynamic range that display more bright colors.

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If you are wondering how you can compare screens of two different sets while buying a new smartphone, you can compare the pixel density, which is measured in PPI, pixels per inch. More the pixels, the sharper the images would look. One can choose a smartphone that has 350 PPI to 450 PPI, and if you are ready to spend more, you can choose smartphones that have 500 ppi or more.

The Storage

Never opt for smartphones that have storage of 16 GB as they are a real rip-off. Always choose smartphones that have storage more than 32GB so that you can store games, photos along with a good number of videos. If you wish to own a flagship phone, you can opt one that comes with 64GB. If you wish to further expand the storage, you can always use a microSD card.


People always prefer buying a new smartphone which have better performance. The phone must not lag while playing games or handling heavy apps. If the phone is unable to handle heavy games and crashing regularly – it’s total bummer for the user. People want phone to do activities like managing their emails, playing slot games, watching movies, or play high end games like PUBG – so performance is the key.


Keeping the smartphone active and lit up drains away its battery, even when you are not playing a game or using a GPS. Also, if the screen of the smartphone is big, the sooner the battery saps out.

Make sure the smartphone you choose has a battery of more than 3000 mAh, and this is a must if your handset is bigger than 5.5”.

Dust or Water Resistance

A good quality smartphone should always survive any spillages and should also have protection from dust and moisture.

Fingerprint Security

The feature of fingerprint security is available on most of the smartphones nowadays and is an added security feature. This can be used to unlock the phone by swiping the finger across the scanner.  The feature also saves time and is now added to mid-range smartphones as well.

Bluetooth and Headphone

While all smartphones have the Bluetooth feature, you also need to check for phones that come with a headphone socket. A number of manufacturers omit them, but it always comes in handy.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, you also need to make a choice – an Apple or an Android phone. Just compare the features and choose the best.

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