Online courses in India are booming and taking over the educational domain. The highly advanced curriculum and immense benefits such as low fees, immersive learning technology and more are attracting students from every corner to enroll. From students pursuing bachelor’s to professionals switching careers or aiming to boost up their current career, online programs are a great option. Though apart from benefits, there are many other factors that you should know to understand whether taking this route will help your career or not. Here are the factors to look at while picking a course and the top picks of online courses in India that you should pay attention to.

Factors you need to consider while looking at any course

The future of online courses in India is promising. Leading universities are now providing their top courses online to provide quality education to learners who are facing complexities in joining full-time courses. This helps learners gain impactful exposure with the flexibility and resources that match the full-time courses. While looking for an online course, there are many factors that a learner must consider and evaluate to decide whether the course is suitable. Here are some of the major ones-

Quality of the program

There are hundreds of online courses and providers for you to choose from. However, only some courses will add value to your resume and help you land your dream job. Check the program syllabus and know which tools you will get to learn about the projects you will be working on. Many programs include project work to provide exposure to the corporate and enhance your resume.

Take recommendations

Asking peers about the course and the institution is always the best idea. Taking opinions from people who have opted for online courses can help you to make the best decision. For example, alumni can explain how the degree program helped them and their careers. You can also ask how the employers react to the degree and whether they are skeptical about that particular institution.

Course credibility

Every course on the online platform is linked to the university which provides the degree. Check the course accreditation and the university and know whether the UGC recognizes it. A course with accreditation will create more impact when you apply for a job anywhere around the globe. Visit the university’s website to check whether it provides the course.

Apart from these factors, also check about the flexibility of the course and whether it will hinder your schedule. Also, compare the fees, and find out about alums and such. All these factors will help you make a sound decision about which platform and course to choose.

Trending online courses in India for you to pick

Although almost all the traditional courses are available online, apart from the medical and a few engineering courses. The courses are designed with the perfect blend of theory and practicals. Here are the top trending courses that will transform your career-

  1. Data Science

Data Science is undoubtedly the new buzz in the market, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Maximum professionals are opting for a Master of Science in Data Science. The job market is expected to increase ten folds in upcoming years, and corporates are looking for skilled professionals eligible to churn out useful information. In this course, you can learn different programming languages such as Python, R, and SQL. The data science course also includes a capstone project that will help you demonstrate your skills.

  1. Business Analytics

Business analytics graduates are in huge demand in the market. Professionals provide answers to complex business problems using data analytics, quantitative methods, and stats. This information helps make profit-driving sound decisions, contributing to significant market growth for the brand.

  1. Master of Business Administration

Another online course in India that is most preferred among professionals is MBA. Maximum managerial positions in multinational companies require a candidate with an MBA degree. The two-year postgraduate course will enhance your decision-making skills and help create problem-solving strategies to profit the business. If you are aiming to skill up and accelerate growth in your career, an MBA is a perfect choice for you to consider.

  1. Computer Applications

A postgraduate program, the Master of Computer Application, deals with developing software that offers business solutions. There are more than 2 lakh job openings in the market for MCA graduates, and it is expected to grow more. In addition, various multinational and Information Technology companies are hiring skilled graduates who can contribute significantly.

Apart from the courses mentioned above, there are many other courses such as Master of Commerce, Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication, PGCP in Cloud Computing, PGCP in Business Analytics and such.

Now that you know about online courses in India, how to choose a platform or course and whether it can transform your career, you can easily decide. Online Manipal is one of the best platforms to pursue your online degree from. You can graduate with a highly valued degree from top universities like Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) and Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE). The government recognizes the program, and a maximum number of alumni work as top-tier MNCs and IT companies executives. The university faculties are subject matter experts and have years of industry experience. So, pick out the relevant course and begin your journey with Online Manipal.

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  1. The above information is very well defined in the correct manner but I am a little confused in choosing my career in Master of Business Administration. I am twenty years old and I have completed my BA from SOL so can I get into this course. Is it right for me to go for MBA or some other option will be better?


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