Here are some more of these similar and competing softwares that can be easily tweaked and customized to ordered surveillance specifications.

1VeriLook Surveillance 2.0 SDK

Neurotechnology developed this VeriLook Surveillance 2.0 SDK software. It is used for facial recognition and can be enforced in security and law enforcement.


Hong Kong-based company Visualise developed this software. It is used to monitor the entry of people at various locations using surveillance cameras.

3Rhonda Software

Rhonda Software can be integrated with any surveillance camera and can be used for facial recognition of people and the monitoring of their movements.


RouteMatch Software is used to track the movement of the people and the passengers.

5eFORCE Software Suite

Using this software will help in securing and making the operation error-free. eFORCE Software Suite is a law enforcement software used for data management.


Omnigo is another law enforcement software that helps in tasks scheduling, auto report generation, and timekeeping.

7Mark43 Platform

Mark43 Platform is an open-source law enforcement software used for cloud-based data saving for encryption.

8Sundance: RMS

Sundance: RMS helps in customization and is another law enforcement software.


Crimesoft software is used for auto audits and is law enforcement software. It used advanced encryption technology and secures data completely. It helps in enhancing the disposal rates of the cases.

10Asset Panda

Asset Panda has the flexibility which only a few software have. It provides reliable solutions for any problem.


MobileSynchRMS software helps in keeping track of all the case details. It automatically helps in updating the files and details of the cases. It is another law enforcement software.


Nuance uses award-winning Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it helps in automating the sending of SMSes, case documentation, etc in an effective manner.


PowerDMS secures the firm with the most advanced law enforcement software. It secures against the breaches in the law firms.


CIS is developed by  Gescis Technologies Pvt LTD. It is jail management software and provides end-to-end solutions. It is of immense help to enterprises and software.

15Dynamic Public Safety

Dynamic Public Safety software helps in fixing more than 50 bugs at a time using sophisticated spyware. It helps in resolving all operational hurdles by managing the tasks effectively. This is law enforcement software and comes with chat, email support in an efficient manner.

16IWS Law Enforcement

IWS Law Enforcement is a software that uses the operations easily. It comes with advanced features like identify authentication, certificate management, document management, etc. 

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