The arrest warrant issued against Russian President Vladimir Putin by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for alleged war crimes is a big joke. Going by the demonstrated history of the US and what William Blum and Michael Flynn have publicly stated (see below) among host of other Americans, most of the US Presidents should have served jail terms as war criminals and the incumbent POTUS Joe Biden should be sweeping prison floors for war crimes in the ongoing US-instigated war in Ukraine. Though forgotten as past history, America’s war crimes began with the killing of over one million native Red Indians.

But then the ICC President Piotr Hofmanski is Polish, perhaps steeped in neo-Nazism and beholden to or blackmailed by Washington as most European leaders and the UN General Secretary are.   That is why the recorded war crimes of the Ukrainian military (inspired by the Biden-Zelensky duo) are completely ignored. 

For Kremlin the so-called ICC warrant is toilet paper, as are the US-sponsored resolutions at various forums. Biden knows this but this is Biden’s style of exerting pressure. There is no doubt that Biden personally ordered sabotage of Russia’s Nord Stream pipelines. Not only has Seymour Hersh convincingly described this in detail in his lengthy article, Biden reportedly announced “we will put an end to it (Nord Stream pipelines)” in presence of German Chancellor Olof Scholz who remained mute despite these pipelines being part of Germany’s critical infrastructure that cost billions of dollars. 

Biden is now busy continuously upping the war in Ukraine from the shadows. He has not yet sanctioned supply of F-16s to Kiev but Poland and Slovakia are sending 13 MiG-29s each to Zelensky on Biden’s behalf. Of course Biden is aware that China’s J-22 is being considered better than the US F-22 Raptor that were used to down the Chinese spy balloon over America. Turkiye’s Erdogan has been bamboozled to allow Finland joining NATO and Sweden would be the next edition. NATO deployments in Finland and Sweden would enhance the existential threat to Russia but this is what Biden wants.

The danger is that Biden, who is captive of America’s arms, oil and pharma lobbies, may miscalculate the threshold he should not cross to avoid a nuclear exchange. However, another view is that in his demented state Biden does not mind ‘limited’ nuclear war; perceiving minimal damage to the US, Europe-UK bearing the brunt and Russia effectively destroyed. The ICC arrest warrant for Putin was timed before Chinese President Xi Jinping’s formal visit to Moscow and the virtual Jinping-Zelensky meet. 

Former US President Donald Trump recently said, “Our foreign-policy establishment keeps trying to pull the world into conflict with Russia based on the lie that Russia represents our greatest threat. But the greatest threat to Western civilization today is not Russia. It’s probably, more than anything else, ourselves.” Biden is trying his level best to debar Trump from contesting the next election, akin to what is happening with Imran Khan in Pakistan – ‘Giftgate’ et al! But the forthcoming Xi-Putin meet is obviously giving Biden the jitters. That is why he is holding periodic meetings with NATO leaders and has also invited British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to Washington.

Analysts have begun to speculate which way the war in Ukraine would go if Biden keeps raising the bar. Threats to China against military support to Russia have already been nixed by China’s foreign ministry stating that Chinese support to Russia will be same as the US support to Taiwan. China is already supporting Russia militarily in Ukraine if Ukraine’s claim of having shot down a Chinese 3-D drone with an AK-47 rifle is to be believed.

North Korea has not been firing missiles to offload ones that have completed their shelf life. Amid periodic missile firings, North Korea recently launched an ICBM, which prompted a UN emergency meeting and G7 criticism. But now a new study by China has revealed that America’s missile defence has gaps and an ICBM fired by Pyongyang could reach Central America in about 33 minutes. Chinese scientists concluded from a simulated North Korean ICBM attack on the US that the American missile defence network failed to intercept it, as reported in the South China Morning Post.

The Chinese study simulated the launch of North Korea’s two-stage, nuclear-capable Hwasong-15 missile having a range of 13,000 km, which was first fired in 2017. The threat needs to be seen in light of reports that North Korea has developed ICBMs capable of carrying multiple warheads. Also, North Korea is developing hypersonic glide weapons that may alter course in the atmosphere.

China’s new Type 094A, (Jin-class) nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine SSBM, can fire the JL-3, or Julang (Big Wave) SLBM with a range of over 10,000 km to target the US mainland. Now Russia’s decision to equip its submarines with advanced Poseidon nuclear torpedoes has raised serious concerns in Britain after British experts simulated the devastating effects if Britain is struck. The advanced Poseidon torpedo can carry a charge twice more powerful than the one tested by the USSR in 1961. Experts believe if an advanced Poseidon torpedo explodes at the mouth of Thames River the tidal wave will completely destroy London. Also, the explosion from the projectile will destroy all metropolitan areas.

Meanwhile, Britain and Germany are busy digging for coal to plug energy shortfalls, streets of Paris are littered with some 10,000 tons of garbage and the malady of failing American banks is spreading to Europe. Trading halted for French banking group PNB Paribas (the second largest bank in Europe which manage 42,7 trillion in assets) after stocks plunged by 18.7 percent over the last five days.

Biden has been busy complaining about China’s spy balloon and downing of the American MQ-9 Reaper drone after the Russian Su-27 fighter jet dumping fuel over it. He wants NATO-EU and US allies to focus on the upcoming Xi-Putin meet. But the world needs to focus on Biden equally or maybe more since he is fixated on destroying Russia and China and possibly countries like Iran, North Korea and Syria, among others – the illusion of He Man under the effect of drugs. He has no regrets about the destruction of six Ukrainian cities as long as America gains financially and strategically. He would have no compunctions about destroying Taiwan’s semiconductor facilities if China invades Taiwan.    

Finally, Biden has the repository of bio-weapons in Ukraine; in the US-managed multiple biological research facilities established under the 2005 agreement between the US Department of Defence (DoD) and Ukraine. Which advanced weaponry (NBC and radiological included) he will provide to Kiev and when remains questionable. At the moment he appears to be reveling in the avatar of the Prophet of Doom grinning from ear to ear while Zelensky is unable to check his wagging tail.

The author is an Indian Army veteran. Views expressed are personal.

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