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An auto accident can put you under great physical and emotional stress because the injuries resulting from the impact take a toll on your body and mind. The experience can be overwhelming and require specialised support to get back to your old life. It doesn’t matter if you’re the victim of a small rear-end collision or total wreck, the accident can have lasting effects (some you may not even realise immediately). 

There are no shortcuts in the recovery process after an auto accident. Your injuries need time and care, and it may take weeks or even months to heal completely. The severity of the injuries and your pre-existing conditions impact the recovery time. 

While no one can tell you exactly how long recovery takes for car accident injuries, we can provide you with some information on what to expect on the way and how to put yourself on the right track. 

Recovering from an Auto Accident Injury (Photo credits: Towfiqu/ Unsplash)

Negative effects of an auto accident

Most auto accidents cause bruises, scrapes, broken bones, and other similar injuries. But besides the apparent physical injuries, they can also impact your emotional wellbeing. Let’s find out how an accident affects your physical and mental health. 

Injuries and pain

Sometimes the adrenaline your body produces after an accident prevents you from realising that you were injured. It’s a normal reaction to surprising situations. But once the adrenaline starts to wear off your body, you may experience discomfort and pain in some body parts. Medical experts refer to car accident injuries as hidden injuries because they take a while to show symptoms. 

Emotional distress

Besides the physical injuries, a car crash can also lead to emotional distress. Even if someone else is at fault for the accident or you didn’t sustain severe injuries, the event can still traumatise you. You can go into shock or experience a fight or flight reaction because of the stress associated with the incident. It’s possible to feel more irritable for a couple of days after the crash. You may even become wary of riding in a vehicle again or avoid the route where you had the accident. 


You can feel tired and fatigued after the accident due to the physical and emotional stress you experience. This is your body’s way of telling you that you need to slow down and rest to allow it to recuperate. It’s crucial to make time for rest and give your body the chance to heal and recover. You may need to sleep for longer than usual in the days after the crash, but it’s ok. 

Ways to promote recovery

The good news is that most auto accident injuries heal completely. Here are some recommendations on putting your wellbeing and health first and promoting recovery. 

Seek medical help

After a car crash, the first thing you should do is seek medical assistance. If you suffered a small or severe injury, you should see a doctor because if there are hidden injuries, they may worsen after a while and put your life in danger. Every car accident is unique, and the same are the injuries they cause. Sometimes symptoms and pain occur after hours or days. The longer you wait until you seek medical care, the higher the chances of your injuries worsening and requiring a long recovery. Don’t leave your injuries untreated because they might lead to chronic pain or other symptoms that could alter your quality of life. Some auto accident injuries are life-threatening and even trigger permanent brain damage. 

Therefore, even if you feel no pain after the car crash, please see a doctor to evaluate your health. They’ll run some tests for swelling, soft tissue damage, fractures, and internal bleeding. 

Find a personal injury solicitor

If you had a car accident in the UK, you should find a reputable personal injury solicitor to help you claim compensation. A car accident solicitor in the UK will represent your interests while you take the needed time to recover. Personal injury legal experts ensure that all paperwork is filled for the claim, collect evidence to strengthen your case, provide professional advice, and negotiate with the insurance provider on your behalf. 

Follow the treatment plan

If, during the medical evaluation, the doctor identifies any health issues or injuries, they’ll provide a treatment plan to help you recover. Make sure to follow it as prescribed to recuperate quickly and get back to your daily habits. The healthcare expert may also recommend to:

  • Take some time off from work
  • Limit your daily activities
  • Take medicine
  • Perform therapeutic exercises
  • Engage in physical therapy
  • Attend appointments 

Suppose you doubt the treatment plan or a part of it is effective, don’t just stop. Talk to your medical expert and find an alternative treatment that promotes recovery and benefits your health. 

Stay hydrated and eat a healthy diet

Eating nutritious meals can help you promote injury recovery because your body needs fresh and healthy foods during the healing process. Eat whole foods rich in vitamins and minerals to help your tissues repair the damage. It’s recommended to eat regularly and focus on healthy meals that nurture your body and provide it with the needed nutrients. Your body needs good fuel during recovery to function and heal. Also, if you eat a nutritious diet, you’ll feel stronger and more energetic. 

Your body also needs water to function and recover, so ensure you drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Hydration helps you bring the nutrients from the food to the injured areas and support the healing process. It also keeps the fluids in your organs and body and promotes health. 

Relax and rest

If you feel extremely tired and fatigued after the accident, that is your body telling you to take some time off and rest. You most likely live a busy life, and it’s challenging for your body to recover when you’re always on the run. However, you need to relax and unwind for your body to recover and recuperate properly. 

Keep in mind that a car accident is a stressful experience, affecting both your physical and mental health. While you’re tempted to return to your daily activities, you need to listen to your body’s signals and do everything it takes to recover. 

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