A total of 75 Russian cinematic releases from 18 companies are traveling to the SIFF Market 2023 including the first feature film shot in space, “The Challenge”; the disaster film “Three Minutes of Silence” about the crew of a fishing vessel; the historical detective stories “In the Moscow Slums” and “Noble Detective”; the action comedy “The Silver Spoon Goes South”; the fifth part of the successful animation franchise “The Snow Queen”, an animated feature “Detective Chirp & the Golden Beehive”; and others.

On June 10, the SIFF Market 2023, which traditionally takes place as part of the Shanghai International Film Festival, will open in Shanghai. For the first time, ROSKINO, the Russian film promotion body, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, is organizing a booth “Russian Content Worldwide” (RCW), at the film market where 18 companies will present their projects. China today is an important strategic destination for Russian content exporters, and participation in the SIFF Market will open up new opportunities for Russian cinema.

Also, ROSKINO will organize a special presentation for international participants on June 11, which will include projects of Russian companies.

Acting CEO of ROSKINO, Ekaterina Naumova says, “Our first—and such large-scale—offline presence at the SIFF Market will significantly strengthen relations between Russian film and animation companies and Chinese and other Asian market participants. Among the projects being presented to distributors at the SIFF Market are sci-fi films, which are in demand today in China; historical projects; animation, which is traditionally popular in Asia; and many dramas and adventure films. We are building our work with China, interacting both with the professional industrial community and with wider audiences. To popularize Russian content, ROSKINO, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, organizes film screenings at the Russian Film Festival. Thus, in July and August, a whole series of online and offline events for the Chinese audience will take place: offline screenings will be held in Beijing, Suzhou and Heihe”.

In 2022, Russian produced 256 feature films and 45 animated films, 345 feature series and 24 animated series. Today, the Russian film industry produces high-quality films, original series, and animation. The latter is especially valued for its educational component and family values.

The trend in China for films about space has not gone unnoticed by Russian content exporters. As part of a special presentation organized by ROSKINO is The Challenge by Central Partnership, part of which was filmed in space. The picture has already entered the top 50 highest-grossing films in the world in 2023. The director is Klim Shipenko, whose previous project, the comedy “Son of a Rich”, is soon to appear in China as a remake: the rights to the adaptation were acquired in 2022. Another picture on the theme of space is the disaster film Mira from Mars Media Entertainment.

Among the feature films being showcased the drama about fishermen caught in a storm, Three Minutes of Silence (CTB Film Company), and the historical detective story In the Moscow Slums by the Mosfilm Cinema Concern, the adventure thriller Grom: Boyhood by Bubble Studios and the action comedy The Silver Spoon Goes South by SREDA Production company. Distributors will also get acquainted with the new thriller Centaur (Planeta Inform), which is just getting ready for wide release. It is already being called the answer to Taxi Driver by Martin Scorsese.

Traditionally popular in China, Russian full-length animated films and series are also being presented. Voronezh Animation Studio will present the fifth part of its super-successful Snow Queen franchise The Snow Queen and the Princess, which has already been warmly received by the audiences in South Korea and Turkey. The company also expects to find co-production partners for its new feature-length animated film Arctic Heroes.

SMF Animation is presenting the new film Detective Chirp & the Golden Beehive. Among other projects of the company at SIFF Market are Monsikids, I’ll Get You!, The Secrets of Honey Hills and The Adventures of Peter and Wolf.

Riki Group, the creators of the KikoRiki franchise, which is well-known in China, is presenting the films Finnick and Teddy Boom.

YARKO Animation company will present the animated series Team M.A.T.C.H., Dragonia, Fly Deliveries, Tickabo and Tommy The Little Dragon.

Also included in the presentation is Rabbit’s 10 from AA Studio.

Animation projects on the SIFF Market will also be presented by CTB Film Company: the full-length cartoon Horse Julius on the Throne and Three Heroes, as well as animated series that have already been released on Chinese VOD platforms and TV channels – Moonzy and The Barkers.

International content buyers will be able to get to know such projects as Dog’s SWAT about the work of an experimental K-9 unit, Home Base, Troubled Teens (Art Pictures Distribution); the historical dramas Elizaveta and Chaliapin (Russia Television and Radio); the historical detective Noble Detective and drama Unsung Hero (NTV Broadcasting company); fantasy drama Exorcism Clinic and new superhero comedy series Werecop (IVI); the dramedy The Kidney and the comedy detective Padre Sergius (KION): the fantasy drama King & Jester and the comedy Finding Closure (Plus Studio) and many others.

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