As the life limps back to the new normal, a resigned acceptance can be seen among corporate and other organization towards a new life with and after Covid-19. We cannot ignore the transformation that we will have to embrace and have no option but to prepare ourselves for the change.

In India we are going through a tough phase with sudden spikes in cases and the same can be seen in many other countries.

The world, which was getting smaller, with shrinking boundaries and our interdependence on one another, has shrunk further and now is visible from a screen of our digital devise whether it is a phone, a tab, or a computer screen. We are compelled to stay indoors and look at the changing scenario with curiosity and uncertainty.

With the opening of Aviation sector and Railways, we might already be dreaming about normalcy but the change is inevitable and there is an absolute need to prepare ourselves for it. Can we sneeze or cough in future without thinking about the worst? No, it will never be the same again and we would learn not to take our lives for granted. There will be a shift in people’s perceptions and priorities and same will reflect in the job skills required in the future.

The last few months brought the classrooms, the boardrooms and the auditorium to our digital devise. Every student from kindergarten to university was attending online classes. Teachers, who are trained in classroom pedagogy are managing online platforms. The long boardroom meeting are happening across the screens and webinars have replaced seminars overnight. What could have happened without these technological platforms is nobody’s guess. But, technology came to our rescue and Zoom, Zoho, Webex and Microsoft Teams became the household names. So it is obvious that our work and the way we work will change drastically. Now let’s see what are the skills and areas to look for.

Post covid-19 world
Indians soar in the skies again! A live capture from #flightradar24 shows how skies look busy again as domestic civil aviation recommences in India. (Image courtesy: Hardeep Singh Puri, Minister, Civil Aviation, tweet dt 25.05.2020)

Technology will play the pivotal role post covid-19

We are already technology dependent and our dependency on ICT and internet will be even more in future. Those who never showed any inclination towards technology and found conventional methods more convenient have no option but to embrace technology. For example in schools ICT will become one of the required skills for teachers irrespective of the subjects they are teaching.

In every other sphere, the minds will be tuned to social distancing and it will remain in some form or the other. As handshakes is replaced by folding of hands, the congregations will continue to make us uncomfortable. So more than personal meetings people will prefer to meet digitally.

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Similarly, artificial intelligence, machine learning, coding and software will be high in demand. Data analytics will also be a skill to recon with and, so will be the digital marketing as more and more people will depend on internet for their shopping rather than going to malls.

Technology will give rise to new job roles and calling one non-technical will not be an option.

Psychological Skills

Humans are social beings and all the talk about staying at home and social distancing will bound to affect their psyche. Moreover, people might lose their jobs and livelihood. There is also a prediction regarding an increase in criminal offences due to deteriorating economic conditions. Mental health and conditions like anxiety, stress and depression can be rampant in the future. More and more people will seek psychological help and counselling. We would need stronger support system for those in need. Similarly, leaders will have to show better EQ and more compassion and empathy.

Time To Revive Our Interest In The Science Of Life

Social and social media skills

As personal meeting will reduce, our presence on the internet will have more impact. Soft skills will be directed towards internet and ‘Netiquette’ will become extremely important and noticeable. Also, internet influencer will have more audience than before. The fashion online will catch more eyeballs and more takers. As a result, web and internet presence will have more impact than the off screen, personal presence.

Innovations and creativity, post covid-19

Things around us our changing very fast and so are our needs. More than the fashionable shades and cosmetics we need masks and dressing to protect us from the virus. So right from apparel industry to hospitality and technology, there’s place for innovation. People with creative skills can fill in the void created by the sudden change in people’s priorities. The old traditional ways to function will soon be obsolete and those rigid about it will lose their jobs sooner than we can imagine.


Pharmaceutical industry, medical services or paramedics, are looked upon as saviours. There’s going to be a huge demand in healthcare sector. Unfortunate as it may sound, health is going to be our primary concern. The sudden break of the virus has been an eye opener. We suddenly realized that boosting our immunity and the need to stay fit isof paramount concern. Job of a nutritionist has also become significant and healthcare workers have become the new warriors protecting us from this vicious virus.

A scene at an Airport lounge in India, ensuring social distancing while practicing normalcy, dt: 25.05.2020 (Image credits AAI_Official)

Renewable Energy

As we stayed indoors, the earth started to reclaim itself. The polluted air became easier to breathe and the wilds of the nature came out of their hiding enjoying the freedom that we had deprived them of. It was a wakeup call for humans who had been taking nature for granted. As a positive implication of corona, we hope to be more careful towards our environment in future. Therefore, environmentalists and people working in renewable resources space will be in great demand because we would surely not want to retreat to the stage that brought us this disaster.

Art and performing Arts

We have learnt to stay indoors and enjoy the beauty around us. Art in its various forms have always come to our rescue whenever we felt down and out. Whether its film making, performing arts like classical dance or music or even painting and sketching, there will be more takers for them, albeit in the digital form. People will be looking for newer avenues to stay happy and entertained and thus, skills in entertaining and performing arts will be in great demand.


Although, already popular, gaming may replace active sports in times to come. Gamers will have to be more imaginative to satiate people’s urge to play sports. Other than that, staying indoors has earned people more time in hand. A lot of people will lose their regular jobs and some may retire early. This will make digital gaming a source to stay occupied.
Human race has seen many calamities and pandemics in the past too but each time it emerged stronger.

We hope to win against this catastrophe too. But we can’t wait for things to happen on their own and will have to find more innovative ways to stay healthy, happy, and not to miss,wealthy. Any laxity on our part will make it tough for us to stand strong against the future odds and make the struggle harder.

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