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Onus On Governments To Mitigate Impact Of Pandemic On Education Systems

It becomes clearer that onus lies on the governments of respective nations to stand up to the occasion and mitigate the grim impact of the pandemic on their education systems

Clamour For Further Investigations Into The Origin Of COVID-19 Grows Louder!

Despite 18 months and the pandemic striking in waves, we are still groping in dark as there is no clarity to say conclusively if Covid-19 occurred naturally or was caused by a laboratory leak

Frequent Fumigation & Regular Sanitization – Need Of The Hour To...

Prevention is much cheaper than the cure. Hence frequent fumigation & regular sanitization are the need of hour to prevent Corona spread

Effects Of Pandemic On Our Children And The Youth That All...

While it seems to be easier to have children stay at home and study, the ramifications are many. Here are the Effects of Pandemic on our children and the youth that everyone must know

Confronting The ‘Dreaded Corona’ – An Ordeal, First-hand

While we moved into the 4th month of the lockdown, our society gates closed for outsiders and our home open only for ourselves, the Corona Virus had made a silent entry into our home.

Corona Unites India With It’s Own Diversity – Cluster Analysis

Analysis of Type A, B, and C clusters. Look at this exciting trend. India is a diverse country, and yet we are one. COVID19 has also made sure our maps look somewhat like that.

Skilling To Brace Up For The Post Covid-19 World

As the life limps back to the new normal, a resigned acceptance can be seen among corporate and other organization towards a new life with and after Covid-19. We cannot ignore the transformation that we will have to embrace and have no option but to prepare ourselves for the change