Delhi is a lot more than just a city of love. It is the absolute combination of tradition and modernity. A city with innumerable monuments on one hand and a world class airport and metro on the other. Street food, thrifty shopping places, religious places, theatre; you name it and Delhi has it! If you are young and you want to take some adventures, our capital have everything. So here is an electric list of some places:

1Delhi Eye at Kalindi Kunj

Delhi eye is all about the giant wheel from where you can almost see the whole Delhi and the Amusement Park is a great place to hang out with your friends and family, unwind and re-experience the thrills of childhood. Be it kids or the elderly, friend or the distant cousin. Who doesn’t love swimming in water and go for exciting rides near a giant wheel!?

2Book Cafes

Do you want to spend some time alone and don’t know where to go? Well, not anymore! Though cafes are passé, but book cafes made as one of the most unique places in Delhi to chill. Imagine spending a quiet afternoon sipping on a cup of tea or coffee, munching on a cake, reading through a riveting book – what a great day!

3Light & sound show at Red Fort

Experience a sound and light show like no other at the UNESCO World-Heritage-listed Red Fort and bear witness to the history of Delhi’s Mughal Empire. Some 300 years of history is showcased using special effects and colourful animation. Music and storytelling combine with this visual wonder creates an experience or all of the senses. Close out this all-inclusive tour with a traditional Indian meal served family style at a nearby restaurant.

4Shoot’em down with Paint Ball

Located in the heart of West Delhi, unlike the other paintball places in this list, this is the only place which happens to have an indoor arena. It is the perfect place for people looking forward to a bit of thrill but without having the heart to face the scorching summer heat.

5National gallery of Modern Art

Museums are a passé but this modern gallery is not! Spend a day exploring not just the fantastic locations but also the breath-taking art that the city has at its disposal. A trip to NGMA, one of the most unique and fun places to visit in Delhi will surprise you with the amazing collection of paintings and sculptures.

6Entertain yourself with exquisite theatrical acts and plays

Some of the best places to go in Delhi for such stellar performances would be Akshara Theatre, Kamani Auditorium, Shri Ram Centre, and the Little Theatre Group Auditorium. “Because films are so mainstream”

Forget about films and enjoy the numerous plays in the city, by amateur and professional theatre groups. Depicting an old world charm, many of the theatres date back 50 to 60 years.

7A Visit at India Gate

India gate is well known for the picnic spot in Delhi. Spend a day walking around the beautiful lawns followed by a boating ride in the lake. This is amongst the most amazing places to have fun in Delhi. How can you forget those wanders standing there just to give you some amazing stuff? They are the reason why people can’t get bore there. You can also enjoy the camel ride there.

8Raahgiri that held every Sunday

“Apni Raahein, Apni Azaadi’ – that’s the motto of the campaign started by Times of India in Delhi last year. It is now one of the most amazingly fun things to do in Delhi. Conducted every Sunday morning at various locations of Delhi NCR, it attracts a huge number of people that comes in to claim the streets of the city as their own. Numerous activities takes place for the audience and big acts such as Euphoria (the Indian rock band) has come to perform at Raahgiri.

9Indian Mountaineering Foundation in Moti Bagh

The Indian Mountaineering Foundation! Famous for adventurous and fun activities in Delhi, the sport climbing wall should definitely not be missed! It has anything and everything you would want to do on a ‘fun’tastic day out. If you want some adventure you can come here.

10Space visit to Nehru Planetarium

Nehru Planetarium is sure to charm you if you are an astronomical fan! Spend the afternoon escaping into the galaxy far far away at the Nehru Planetarium. Be charmed by the stars, planets and the solar systems in the sky show as you visit one of the most interesting and fun places in Delhi for an amazing day out.

So what are you waiting for? Old and new to turn any day into unique and unforgettable. Get out and explore!


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