In today’s digital age, it is unimaginable to survive without gadgets and appliances that make our life relaxed and comfortable. However, when there is a power outage, things come to a standstill. It is where you need a smart power backup solution such as an inverter with an efficient battery.

Before you decide for a home power back-up system, you must understand which one will work best for your requirements. An inverter works great for homes and bigger establishments too. When buying an inverter, make sure you learn about its battery.

So, what does an inverter battery really do?

The functioning of an inverter is such that it adjusts the supply of electric charge from the inverter-battery as per your requirement, while the battery itself is responsible for storingthe backup charge. There are various types of batteries like, GEL battery, flat plate battery and tubular battery. Reliable and reputable brands like Luminous offer a comprehensive selection of all the three types of batteries.

Luminous Batteries
Luminous Batteries (Image courtesy: Luminous)

To determine your battery requirements, let us learn more details about each type:

 1.  Gel Battery

GEL batteries are similar totraditional lead-acid batteries, with silica added to the electrolyte to make agel-like substance, inside.Deep cycle lead-acid Gel batteries are built sturdy, and they are entirely maintenance-free, which makes them perfect for an inverter. These are sealed, valve-controlled& thus completely safe and environment friendly.

Gel batteries are engineered to provide the best-in-classenergy density available per unit volume or weight. Construction wise GEL battery may use flat plate technology or Tubular plate technology.  Tubular plate GEL batteries are the most suitable for inverter batteries for home application.

 2.  Flat Plate Inverter Battery

A flat plate battery is like any lead-acid battery that is made of positive and negative plates. Here the battery is named as FLAT because, the geometric shape of the plates are FLAT.

These batteries have two visible components, namely:

  • Structure – The part that is responsible for transmission of electricity produced on the plates and holds the other active components.
  • Reactive chemicals –The part that generates electrical energy within the battery.

Flat plate batteries are ideally suited for instant high-current applications due to the larger surface area of plates. Such batteries arerecharged faster than Tubular batteries in comparison.

 3.  Tubular Plate Inverter Battery

A Tubular battery is identical to any lead-acid battery constructed from positive and negative plates. However, here the geometric structure of the positive plates is tubular, while that of the negative plates is flat.

Positive plates are built in tubular form to provide the active chemical components inside the battery with additional support. Such plates have a tubular support system around the reactive chemicals, ensuring that the responsive portion stays in place throughout the battery life.

Design and construction wise, TUBULAR batteries are generally robust, and therefore have a service life of about 5 to 8 years, in normal operating conditions. These are mainly used for extended power cut zones, where power cut durations are comparatively longer than usual or where large loads (such as AC, geyser, pump,etc.) need to be assisted. Tubular batteries are also ideal for cyclic tasks, where consistent heavy loads need to run.

There are two types of tubular batteries:

  • Short Tubular

A short tubular battery is suitable for small spaces due to its compact size. It can be easily placed on a low height cabinet. Besides theease of installation, short tubular batteries are also durable, require low maintenance, and range between 60AH to 150AH.

  • Tall Tubular

A tall tubular battery can be used to run electrical devices that requirehigh power consumption. Tall tubular batteries, ranging from 110AH to 225AH, are designed for heavy load application and long power cut areas.Tall tubular batteries are best suited for deep discharge appliances.

Get the Battery Befitting Your Needs

The next time when you are at home, working or just enjoying a day off, and there is a power failure, you won’t have to spend your time battling the summer heat waiting for your air conditioner to start working again. Invest in a reliable inverter with the right kind of inverter battery to support it.Renowned brands like Luminous offer a range of inverter batteries depending upon your requirement. Select from a wide variety of GEL, flat plate, and tubular batteries for inverters. Make an informed choice and avoid power woes.

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